Monday, January 11, 2010


For the past many months, we've been calling Noro's Furoside "fuhr-i-sode" (rhymes with episode). So imagine my embarrassment to discover that the name of this wonderful, chunky yarn from Noro is actually pronounced like "ferocity" with a "d" in place of the "t."

Ah doesn't change how awesome the yarn is! The silk/cotton blend has just a touch of wool for resiliency, making it a great alternative to Iro, Noro's other chunky-but-extra-wooly self-striping yarn. There are great patterns for Furisode in Jenny Watson's "Noro Flowers" book, like this:

Or you could use any number of great Noro patterns for Iro jackets and sweaters, like this Shawl Collar Jacket by Knitomatic on ravelry, from this downloadable pattern at

Furisode knits up so deliciously, it makes you want to sink your ferocious teeth into it:

No, wait! Those aren't teeth...they're macadamia nuts. This is the kind of thing that happens when you combine a creative child with too many snow days. I really should get her knitting more.

- Shelley
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