Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Renee, Daren and other saints.

For the last few months, I have been teaching Renee how to knit. Renee is one of those rare people you meet who really should qualify for sainthood (that is, if it weren't for that annoying martrydom requirement). She is trained in the Orton-Gillingham method, an intense, multi-year program for dyslexia. Many of you may know my daughter, C, is an extremely talented artist...and profoundly dyslexic. Sweet Renee has been coming to C's school for the past two years, twice a week, rain or shine. She has truly worked miracles. You would not believe the change in her reading, writing and confidence.

Awhile back, Renee asked me to teach her to knit. How could I refuse? And she has proven to be just as great a student as she is a teacher - and like C, a very hard worker! She would come into the store with her cardboard box top to serve as a "lap tray" for her scarf project, earning her the dubious title "hobo knitter." Then she decided to take on her first big project - a baby sweater and hat for her new grandson, Landon.

We chose a set from Suss Cousins' book, Hollywood Knits, in Muench Goa - a great, washable, soft and springy yarn. I assured Renee that this set is just made of blocks of garter stitch, ingeniously crocheted together with a contrasting yarn. She chose red and white and added a little OU patch because Landon's parents are big red fans. Check out this photo:

Now...after my last post, some of you were curious about what our "web guy" Daren looks like. He has graciously forwarded this photo. Sorry ladies, he is married and lives in Utah. But he could also qualify for sainthood, as he has patiently been putting up with my computer rants and web demands for many months.

Next, we have a new design from Kendall, saint of patience and lace. It's a gorgeous scarf in our Lobster Pot laceweight cashmere. First I admired the pattern, then I touched it...OMG...liquid butter! Kendall is offering this class in February and is worried that ya'll will be intimidated by lace. Please prove her wrong and sign up for this class! Lace is hot and now is the time to learn, as we have lots of new lace books and yarn heading our way this spring.

And now, Janet, saintly mom to Sara, who showed Janet her appreciation by knitting her this scarf out of a variegated Debbie Bliss Soho. We LOVE how this stitch shows off the variegated yarn! Sara, if you're reading this, we want this pattern!!!

And last but not least, we have Ellen, saint of...oh, who are we kidding? But she did make an awfully nice scarf out of Posh, our silk/cashmere blend. This pattern is taken from the ever-popular book "One Skein," although she admits she switched yarns and it did, in fact, take two. When it comes to cashmere, Ellen knows no bounds. (Saint of Cashmere???)

New stuff is starting to pour in. We're expecting the big Berroco spring order within a week! And check out this new DK superwash hand-paint from J Knits:

That's all for now. Burned my hand on a pan tonight when I pulled it from the oven so typing is a tad painful.

Even more painful - I can't knit tonight! - Shelley