Monday, August 23, 2010

Pot o' gold?

You may recall that, during the Loops South Grand Opening, I gave each of the 16 Loops Troops their very own Three Irish Girls Rainbow Mini-Skein sets in Springvale. They were challenged to come up with their own idea for this super-luscious set.

And boy, have the Troops been gettin' busy!

Linda is making a tubular scarf, separating the mini set colors with some deep brown Murphy Springvale in a regular-size skein.

And check out this Open Summer Cardi that Linda is also doing in the 3IG Lindon Merino. Wow, she has been flying along on this cardigan! In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she finished it over the weekend. And since it's top-down (no seaming), she might be wearing it today!

Loretta is always putting down her own photography skills, but take a gander at her Linen Stitch Scarf photo. Sooooo beautiful. We have these Churchmouse patterns in-stock. This makes me want to buy another Rainbow set and cast on, Loretta!

Gina is caught up in her Looking Glass Sweater using full skeins of Murphy and Curacao Springvale.

And it looks like Holly has a similar idea, which she has charted out in full-on, detailed Holly fashion for a matching set of hat and mitts.

Cassidy - no surprise here - was planning to make Bitty Booties! At almost 600 yards, the set will make lots and lots of booties. Then, her knitting bag got stolen from her car in her driveway. It also contained her nearly-complete Abalone in Araucania Toconao. Very sad story...but the cure is, of course, more yarn and knitting :)

Our college student, Emily, is making a funky set of legwarmers. Can't wait to see how these turn out.

Annie and Gene have also cast on baby projects. Gina Y. and Ruth (along with many of the Thursday night Loops South knitting group) are both making my Tigger Scarf - a free ravelry download here. Wonder who will reach the pot o' gold at the end of the Rainbow set first?

- Shelley
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