Monday, October 4, 2010

In which Sam finds a soulmate.

This past weekend, Loops had the distinct pleasure of hosting Sharon from Three Irish Girls for a trunk show and workshop. I knew from her blog, and from our email correspondence, that Sharon is funny, bright, articulate and, well, tall.

In person, she is downright hilarious, brilliant, gorgeous and yes, even taller. The pics on her blog of Sharon in her fuzzy pistachio bathrobe simply do not do her justice - and neither, it turns out, does my iPhone camera, which took photos even fuzzier than her robe. In fact, the whole weekend I became painfully aware of the inadequacy of my photo-taking, as Sharon kept snapping shots with her ginormous, heavy, professional-looking one. Oh Sharon, I hope your pix turned out better than mine!

Anyhow, our whirlwind weekend began Friday evening, with Sharon setting up the amazing trunk show. She had promised "I'm really good at displaying yarn," and boy, did she deliver! She turned two folding tables and our odd assortment of baskets into a true candy store of fiber. Of course, it helps that her yarns - every single one of them - are stunning.

The next day, it was an Irish frenzy as the customers descended on the trunk show. Some came from as far as Chicago to get their hands on Sharon's "carpe yarnem" one-of-a-kind skeins, which they were seizing with abandon. Even as Sharon's workshop began in the classroom...

...the frenzy continued out on the sales floor. Here are Gene and I trying to navigate the madness:

That evening, my family joined Sharon for dinner at Stonehorse Cafe in Utica Square. It was here that my 14-year-old son found his soulmate. Unfortunately for him, she is married with 3 kids and lives in Duluth, Minnesota.

If any of you know Sam, you know that he is obsessed with geography. He can tell you which roads you need to take to reach any city in the U.S. You've heard of Garman GPS? Well Garman has nothing on our "Samman." He is quite proud of his encyclopedic knowledge...or at least he was until he met Sharon, the tall, blonde, former National Geography Bee champion.

Sharon had Sam on his toes as she quizzed him about the national language of Ecuador (it's English). When he didn't know the answer, she quipped, "Yeah, call me when you know something."

It's true love.

Look closely at this family pic after dinner, and you can see that Sam is clearly starstruck.

...Or maybe that's the red eye from my cruddy iPhone camera. Whatever. Cupid's arrow has definitely found its mark.

While Sam's broken heart heals and Sharon makes her way back to Minnesota, the rest of you can still shop the trunk show, which we couldn't bear to part will be with us at Loops South through this Saturday, Oct. 9. Plus we have a huge new shipment of 3IG yarns in Springvale Worsted, Springvale DK, Adorn Sock and Lindon Merino. Come find your own skein-y soulmate.

- Shelley
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Blogger cassidy ann said...

This is so great! You can definitely see the love all over Sam's face!

October 4, 2010 at 9:03 AM  

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