Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The big tease.

So, it goes like this: LYS owner makes huge fall Rowan order. Rowan rep happily writes up order, but overlooks writing a ship date on the order. Order of wonderful wooly yarn arrives on first 100-degree July day. LYS owner sighs, calls and emails Rowan rep. Rep's voicemail says she is unavailable until mid-August. Hmm...perhaps Rowan rep is in the south of France, dining on "commission a l'orange"? ;-)

Sigh. LYS owner prints price tags, cajoles employees out of their summer doldrums to price said yarn. Said employees go crazy over books and yarn. LYS owner decides if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Eight boxes worth of new Rowan magazines, new books, new yarns, new colors of favorites like Big Wool, Wool Cotton, Cashsoft Aran & DK. And oh yes, the much-talked-about Kaffe Fassett chunky weight, Colourscape, along with its own book. Absolutely gorgeous. Absolutely WAS going to hold it for the Hot Loops wall. But absolutely can't wait that long. It would be torture for all concerned.

No photos, 'cause Rowan themselves don't even have photos of this stuff yet. And the LYS owner hasn't taken any photos, 'cause she's been far too busy pricing and hyperventilating.

Oh, and cleaning up after a certain furry someone who, by the by, adores Pepperidge Farm Milanos:
And Sonic:

But at least she appears to feel guilty.

Double sigh. See you Thursday!

- Shelley
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P.S. No new Rowan online yet - Loretta is in Italy - but feel free to call to order 1-877-LOOPSOK.


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