Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mom and Mal review Alchemy "Lost and Found" book.

I'm feeling inspired by the upcoming visit of Sally & Caddy Melville, mother-and-daughter knitting team behind the soon-to-be-published "Mother-Daughter Knits" book (you can still reserve your place at the book signing - just email me). So I thought I (a.k.a. Mom) would ask my 8-year-old daughter (a.k.a. Mal) to help me review our hottest new book, "Lost and Found," by our friends at Alchemy Yarns of Transformation.
About the Cover design:
Mom: Right away, I knew Alchemy had a hit book on their hands. Their other books have been full of great designs, but the photography just didn't quite do justice to their vivid, luxurious, non-toxic handpainted hues. The Bluebird Bolero on the cover uses 4 skeins of Sanctuary and 2 of the self-striping Migration, on size 7 & 9 needles. This is a gorgeous use Migration. And the model is Gina and Austin's daughter, Clio - just lovely!
Mal: I would definitely wear that if it were shranken in the washing machine for my size. But I don't get why she's holding a flamingo feather thingie.
The "Rythym Society" wrap :
Mom: Simple design in a soft silk/wool blend is an instant classic. Uses 8 skeins of Sanctuary in Red Rover.
Mal: Why do they call it Red Rover? Is it a game?
The Little Red Rider scarf/hood:
Mom: Ellen loves this, she is a sucker for the Red Riding Hood look. I would wear this all winter and even on the beach, to keep from getting a chill when my hair is wet. I love Gina's caption on this page: "Story Book Sexy: reclaiming fantasy, whimsy and childlike innocence." And it just takes 3 skeins of well-priced Migration.
Mal: The colors blend great, but what's with the mole on her cheek?
The Weekender:
Mom: This has been on my to-do list for awhile. Terrificly innovative use of the self-striping yarn.
Mal: The zigzags are cool. That girl has beautiful blonde hair. If there were a wig like that, I would totally be buying.
The Rivers & Rocks Scarf:
Mom: Gina is a leading expert on Shibori felting, and this is my fave Shibori project yet. I love the combination of colors, yarns and textures! You use glass marbles and rubber bands to get the "rocks" effect. Calls for one skein each of Sanctuary, Haiku and Pagoda.
Mal: Pretty colors.
Rock Star Cardigan:

Mom: This is perhaps Alchemy's best selling pattern of all time. Hot, hot, hot. Uses 11/13/14 skeins of Synchronicity to fit busts 36/41/46. Just one of many great sweater designs in this book.
Mal: The texture is beautiful. I love her pose.
On Promenade:
Mom: Just three skeins of Sanctuary and you have the ultimate baby gift. Worked from the neck down. I've gotta find a baby to knit this for...
Mal: I love the color, but the baby looks like she's saying "My pull up is bugging me."

We could go on and on - there are 21 designs in all...

But Mal needs to go night-night and Mom is tired. If there's a particular design you must have, order soon while we have our full spring order in stock. We have 13 signed books on-hand and will probably order more soon! Keep in mind that Alchemy has around 150 colors and counting...we can't stock them all, but we do have one of the best selections in the world here in our online store. If you get "lost," you can always call us to help you "find" just what you need!

- Shelley


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