Friday, January 23, 2009

The I-promise-I-wasn't-tipsy-the-whole-time, my-iPhone-just-takes-fuzzy-pictures report from San Diego.

Six of us went to TNNA spring market in San Diego last weekend and oh, what a fabulous time we had. It may appear, from this blog entry, that things got progressively wilder as the four-day extravaganza progressed. But in reality, the first photos are from Gina's high-end camera, and the rest are from my iPhone which is clearly limited in its ability to take a high-resolution photo.

Here we are having a fabulous dinner at Roy's, an Hawaiian Fusion restaurant. Don't ask me how an Hawaiian restaurant comes to be called "Roy's." But there is not much logic to San Diego restaurant names. Another night, we ate at a restaurant that billed its fare as "Global Fusion" - which sounds like another name for Anything Goes.

Here are Gina Y. and Terrie, who spent the entire four days walking around in her signature 5-inch stilletos. I didn't look, but I'll bet she had Ava Gabor style slippers on with her PJs.

Here's Paula, the official Life of the Party, who keeps us feeling extra trendy with her stories from being on the road with the Flaming Lips:

Here's Gina H., my "market angel" who always comes to market, keeps me shopping without dropping and distracts me through bumpy flights.

BTW Dawn's son, George, was on the first leg of the flight out, and when we banked hard, he yelled "We're goin' down! We're goin' down! We're gonna craaaaash!" Speaking of Dawn, she was also at the dinner, but later that evening, her chicken made a reappearance, courtesy of a lovely stomach flu. In this picture I snapped of our attentive but mildly creepy waiter ("Drink up girls, we'll all head to Tijauna later"), you can see shades of what is to come in Dawn's expression. Be prepared, now, here come my cruddy (but remember, not drunken) photos:

Fortunately, Dawn bounced back and, like all of the others, was quite helpful in rooting out new goodies like buttons, rosewood crochet hooks, cool new patterns, luscious new needle-felt silk scarf kits, and...yes...wait for it....YARN! YARN! YARN!!!! It's already started rolling in, along with our big spring orders. So I won't spoil all the surprises. But here are some other random shots from the show. Sunset in La Jolla:

Me and Sally Melville,
...and Sally's wrist warmers from her new book (shameless teaser: huge announcement coming on this in the next week):

Chuck and Robin from Pagewood Farm (so nice - and mmmm...cashmere sock yarn):

Cool accessory bags in metallics (Terrie hearts them):

Hot Skycab guy at the airport (I took his pic when he looked down, but Dawn spotted me! He got a big tip!)

And last but not least...the elusive Ravelry people! Casey, Jess and Mary Heather could not have been nicer, and loaded us down with freebie buttons. Plus, check out the new Ravelry clings on Loops front door windows! How cool is that?

- Shelley

P.S. Ask Paula or Gina H. about this inside joke (not fit to print - this is a family blog):


Anonymous Kay said...

Yay!!!! Walker bags!!! I love them.

January 24, 2009 at 7:31 AM  

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