Friday, December 26, 2008

Filled up.

I have a new hero, and his name is Kevin Leaver.

(And I'm sorry, I have no photos to share - I was much too frantic/embarrassed/freaked out to think of taking pictures!)

On Christmas Eve, my two oldest kids were scheduled to perform in the Christmas pageant at church. My son had the lead as Matthew, and my daughter was Townsperson #3 - sure to be a riveting performance. They were both so excited and had been practicing for weeks. Brent loaded them into our Suburban at 4pm and headed downtown for the 5pm service.

At 4:40, I had my youngest and myself all dressed, and we boarded our Mazda for the trek downtown. Immediately I noticed that hubby had neglected to fill up with gas (I had noticed that it was empty when we were all out and about at lunchtime). I didn't really sweat it at first, knowing that hubby likes to live on the edge as far as the gas tank is concerned, but we've never run out yet.


I made it out onto a (very busy, only 2-lane) 91st street, and then it happened. Total lock-up. I managed to get the car almost off the road when the steering wheel locked and we sat their, our "butt" sticking out into swerving traffic, and only 20 minutes to go until the pageant started.

Naturally, it is hard to reach family and friends on Christmas Eve. Everyone - hubby included - had their cells turned off. After several minutes of frantic calling and texting, I called 9-1-1. Within just a few minutes, TPD Officer Kevin Leaver arrived.

(Cue harp music here).

I explained the situation, and he rushed us in his squad car to QT, filled up a 1-gallon gas can for us, then rushed us back to my car, entertaining my daughter all the way. He insisted on putting the gas in the car. Then, as I was mentally calculating whether we could make it the 10 miles to church on that one gallon, he said, "Y'know, you'd get to the church a lot quicker if I drive you."

And get there quickly, we did. Hoo, boy! Luckily, I was prepared for this ride, having just returned from New York City where we spent a lot of time in cabs!

My daughter, of course, was tremendously entertained by all this. She kept up a constant patter from the backseat. The most cringe-worthy comment was, "Boy, I bet this is a fun job - a lot better than being a janitor at the mall!"

I emailed a commendation to the TPD, but I want to do something more, so I'm going to make Officer Leaver something with some Jade Cashmere Handspun (previously reserved for hubby; now hubby is getting a QT gas card instead).

What do you think - hat or scarf? I'm leaning toward hat, so I can finish it faster.

- Shelley
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Blogger loretta said...

OMG, how lucky are you to have angel/officer Leaver!!! And out of the mouths of babes re fun jobs...he'll have a funny story to tell at his Xmas parties, and you'll have one to retell year after year after year! Glad everybody was safe and made it to the performance! time you break down, call me. I could use a cashmere scarf or hat!

December 26, 2008 at 1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

scarf. Unless he was wearing a hat when he helped you.

What a great story! Thank you for that Christmas cheer!

December 31, 2008 at 8:10 AM  

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