Thursday, August 6, 2009

If Uncle Sam could knit...

...he would surely extend this weekend's Tax Free Holiday to yarn, needles, bags and all things fiber-y.

He doesn't. But we're going to. Think of it as our little Tax Protest Present to You.

This Friday through Sunday, August 7-9, we will "pay your tax" on everything at Loops (and, where tax is never charged anyway unless you live in Oklahoma). The only exclusion is clearance items.

On top of that, we're having a Sample Sale with some beautiful hand-knit items that need to move along so we can make space for fall yarns. And on top of that, we are offering a two-fer deal on our oh-so-popular t-shirts. When you buy any of our "I knit so I won't stab you" or "Get more fiber" T's... will get one of our "Contraband t-shirts" for free. This is the original irreverent Loops T that was beloved by many, but distasteful to a the point that we had to take them off the site and off the shelves. So, they've gotta go - and they are really nice T's originally priced at $29.99 so get 'em while you can! They may one day be an Offensive Fiber Collector's Item. When ordering online, specify your size and color preference for your free Contraband T (turquoise or black). We will try our best to accommodate but can't guarantee size or color.

If the Contraband T offends you, you can always wear it inside out - or donate it and take the tax write-off ;-)

Either way, enjoy the tax-free vacation this weekend and stock up for fall knitting!

- Shelley
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