Monday, February 19, 2007

Mail bonding.

Whew...what a sale! You all really turned out in record numbers. And just in time...'cause the spring yarns are stampeding in like a herd of buffalo...or llamas...or whatever hooved creature you're into.

Speaking of, on the first day of the sale, our brave mail carrier entered the store and muscled his way to the front counter to show off these lovely buffalo handwarmers. He needed them that day - I think the temperature was in the single digits! It kinda looks like he's shooting a certain digit at me, but he's really just showing off the fine work of his wife, Carol Ann.

Also during the sale, Deborah came in for a kettle full of Lobster Pot cashmere. She has been knocking out a bunch of these awesome scarves, made from a Ruth Huffman Buffalo pattern but using our Lobster Pot (sorry Ruth, but take comfort that lots of people use your buffalo to knit up other designer's patterns :)

I love how the flare at the bottom sort of resembles a lobster tail. Not that I like to think about the crustacean too much on those rare occasions that I enjoy lobster.

And speaking of lobster, Billie Anne swears she can smell the ocean from the 2% of chitin (lobster/crab shells) found in Tofutsies, the sock yarn that has been flying off the shelves. Must be that super-smell ability specially reserved for pregnant women. I can't smell it (thank goodness!!! Can you hear my husband breathing a huge sigh of relief?) Check it out for yourself in our new "Sock Central" section near the checkout.

Keep an eye out for my next post, hopefully later today or tomorrow. I have something really fun to share (with a free pattern). - Shelley


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