Sunday, February 11, 2007

No sheep for you!

All of you Seinfeld fans are going to love the title of this new book we just got in this week. Remember the "soup nazi"? That must be what Amy Singer was referring to when she titled her new book, which includes patterns for cotton, silk, linen, hemp and bamboo. However, we're not sure what she was intended when she chose the pose for the book cover:

Coincidentally, this week we also received our first shipment of Louet linen. You'll find it on a beautiful new rotating rack. Ingrid is just a fanatic about this stuff (she snatched up a dozen skeins before I could get it out on the floor :-), and Gina H. adores it too. It feels so stiff on the skein, but after you wash AND dry it the first time, it drapes beautifully. We will have some samples out soon. Also we expect a shipment of Elsebeth Lavold's famous Hempathy to arrive any day. So many hemps feel just like straw...but this one is soft and lovely and supported by tons of patterns. Keep an eye out for it.

Also new this week...Country Garden Llama. I love working on Saturdays because such interesting things happen. Couple of weeks ago a nice, unassuming woman walked in casually carrying a little bag and asking for the owner. Imagine my joy when I found out she has a LOCAL LLAMA FARM. She offered up all of the llama yarn produced this season, including this wonderful sport weight in natural colors - each produced by a different colored llama! But this is it, folks, until next be sure to get some quickly. It's in the big bowl on the front table:

You know from my last post I'm a huge Louisa Harding fan (I finished up that scarf and it turned out so so pretty...I fringed it at karate class and got lots of strange looks from the other parents as I sat there winding yarn around a book and counting to myself..."crazy loops lady"). Louisa does Spring so well, you would think she lives in Paris instead of Great Britain. This season, we brought in her staple Nautical Cotton, which is used throughout her books including Modern Classics, the hardcover you love so much - back in stock this week, by the way. One of the best new yarns for spring is Mariposa, a multicolored twisted yarn with occasional shimmer:

Still waiting on her books and the incredible new yarn with tiny sequins. THAT one won't last long!

On another note, as I begin preparing our March class list, I'll be adding more ongoing groups. The new Sock Loop Group met this week, with at least 10 people hanging around making socks! I will be adding a Charity Knitting Group and maybe a sweater group. And don't forget that our Saturday Morning group is still meeting. This group was formed at the request of Annie, who recently moved back to Tulsa from the northeast. She and her husband has established the tradition of Saturday morning "me time," and she didn't want to lose her precious, unadulterated knitting hours! So come on Saturday and join her. Here she is in a Noro Kureyon jacket she made.

Lastly, please give Gina H. and Annie hugs this more yarn continues to pour in, they do such a great job of checking things in and keeping things organized. Billie Anne too - she gets extra hugs because it's tax time and she's got pregnancy hormones to deal with, to boot! And always give Sherry hugs...she despises them, but she needs them, and what better time than Valentine's week?

- Shelley


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Lisa the Llama lady is so nice to atlk to- she even remembers the names of the llamas used in each skein! I've not met a knitter yet who didn't love her yarn!

February 11, 2007 at 10:31 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Um, talk to, nice talk to...

February 11, 2007 at 10:32 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Ok, anyone have an extra patch out there??

February 11, 2007 at 10:33 AM  
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