Friday, March 23, 2007

Show and Tell and Show A Little More...

What's more fun that the tulips popping up around town? Ya'll, popping in to Loops to show 'n' tell your fun spring projects.

First, Becky popped in with a whole bunch of felted baskets for Easter. Becky, ever the over-achiever, had these complete before St. Patrick's Day! We love when Becky visits because she is so creative and is always finding new patterns, then adding her own color or twist. She must be part of Gina's vampire club because she seems to knock stuff out overnight. Check out these baskets made from various felting yarns and a Plymouth pattern from our single pattern binders:

Next, in pops Gail to show us the most amazing crocheted afghan. From across the store, I thought it was double-knitted but lo and behold, it's an original reversible crochet pattern passed down through generations of her family. I asked her to write it up and we are going to start selling it in the store, making Gail our first official Loops freelancer. She calls the pattern "We Don't Care...As Long As It's Healthy."

Gail wanted a smooth yarn with definition and sheen, and I recommended Cotton Glace (click the link to go to the Loops site to buy some online) Her afghan takes 7 balls of each color. She wants to emphasize that it's not just for babies - get creative with your colors. I'll have the pattern in the store late Saturday. If you want to purchase the yarn online, mention the blog and I'll include the pattern for free! (Don't worry, Gail will get her percentage...we wouldn't want to upset her agent ;-). Here's a detailed photo of the pattern:

And here's a photo of Gail's smiling face! I think she crocheted the afghan in less than a week. Welcome to the Vampire Club, Gail! How about a Bloody Mary and some garlic dip?

Next we have an incredible afghan by another very creative and talented knitter, Tricia. She used a pattern from the Little Box of Throws, along with bunches of yarn she has collected at our various sales. Tricia is a Loops Club member and always takes advantage of the club events (there's one coming up a week from Saturday, on the 31st...get details in-store). Last fall, Tricia didn't get her Hot Loops party invitation and was so devastated to miss the party...which prompted to me to initiate a triple-check procedure to make sure no Club member is left behind again! Anyway, the afghan is a stunner:

And last but oh-so-definitely not least...your reward for reading this far. Last weekend, I threw a party to reward the staff for their hard work last month. I had little secret surprises for everyone to open. Gina opened two little mink flowers, which we decided were the perfect complement to the flashy sequined "peekaboo" bra she had decided to sport for the evening to impress all of us lesser-blessed gals. This is what I was hinting at with the title of this post:

Talk about flowers popping out!

- Shelley


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