Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hi from the hotel.

Just a quick note to update everybody on the status of Loops, Tulsa and our biggest ice storm ever. Both Loops and my home are still without power, as are over 100,000 people in the Tulsa area. My family was lucky enough to secure a hotel room, and we, along with my mom & her husband, have been living together in the small but warm space. My fondest hope is that my children will get through this without murdering each other. Yesterday, I returned to our dark, cold home for a fresh supply of clothes and plastic crap (i.e. toys)- but, horror of horrors, could not find the Gameboy recharger. Guess what the kids are getting for an early Christmas present? Yeehaw!

Utica Square, with its many beautiful trees, is like a war zone. Most of the Square is blocked off, but our area is accessible because our neighbor, Polo Grill, secured a generator and has been doing a brisk business since Tuesday. I asked if we could hook into the Polo Grill's generator, but apparently it is barely supplying their own needs - all the plugs are full.

I also spoke to the Utica Square powers that be. They have been in close contact with the city, PSO and the tree services, and they have been told the Square is a high priority right after hospitals and nursing homes. They are guessing Friday - but maybe earlier. We will pray and hope because we know you need your yarn, especially right now - and it would be great to provide a nice, warm place for everyone to come and knit.

Mr. Helmerich, owner of Utica Square, is currently out of the country, but I would not want to be there when he first catches a glimpse of his beloved trees. He is very protective of them and it is legend that he has always insisted on trimming them himself.

If any of you would like to help, I have one simple solution: When we re-open, come and buy lots of our yarn! You can still place web orders on and we will fill them the very first thing when we re-open, hopefully in just a day or two. Of course it is devastating for a yarn store to be closed in the height of the season, but we have already survived a flood this year, and we'll get through this, too! With your help we will be back on track and knitting again with you very soon.



Blogger Denise said...

so glad to read your post! Will be glad when things are up and running! I'm knitting up things daily - it is getting me through these dark days, knitting and sipping tea - ahhh!

Glad I have an iPhone to get online!

December 12, 2007 at 7:08 AM  
Anonymous loretta said...

I think everyone will be happy to escape their cabin fever and share the storm stories that have been knitted into their latest projects. Be sure to let us know the minute the doors open!

December 12, 2007 at 7:21 AM  

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