Thursday, March 13, 2008

And the sparkle theme continues.

Day 6 of New Spring Stuff is for all of you gypsies (Gina Marie, I'm talking to you) and really, all of us have a little place down deep inside that yearns for the bling. I know, you might always choose the practical, superwash wool in modest earth tones, but part of you is screaming: Vegas, baby!

And so I give you the newest Louisa Harding yarn, Jasmine:

Yes, it has undeniable bling, but in a very refined, some might say repressed, British sort of way. And did I mention that the touch of bling resides amidst a very smooth, drapey-yet-firm cotton and bamboo?

There are some great designs for Jasmine in Louisa's newest book, Summer Classics. This is "Laurie":

And this is "Cecelia":

There is also a longer-sleeved version of Laurie, which Louisa herself wore when visiting us in Tulsa at our humble little Loops. She had it cinched at the waist with a thin little satin ribbon, which can be removed after a large dinner at, say, the Polo Grill.

Jasmine is in stock in-store - not on the site yet but if Loretta has anything to say about it, it will be soon!

- Shelley
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