Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ingrid's current addiction.

When I first met her, it was triple espressos (only Starbuck's would do) and cashmere. The drink hasn't changed - in fact, Ingrid was recently voted our local Starbucks' favorite customer. But her primary yarn addiction is undeniably linen. And only Louet linen will do.

Last summer, it was Louet's triple-tiered sportweight skirt, which she re-designed into her own version and knit - how many? Three? Four?

Then it was the Euroflax skirt from Knit Two Together. Sweet jujubes, you'd think she'd grow tired of the stuff after - what? 20,000 stockinette stitches? And yet, at market, when she spotted the Louet booth, her reaction was that of a starved dog who had just spotted a gigantic t-bone. She literally dropped her bags and SPRINTED to the booth.

So this brings us to Day Three of New Spring Stuff:

We received a large shipment of Euroflax, with re-stocks of popular colors (including the Charcoal that Gina H. used for her eye-popping Lacy Wrap), and some really yummy new Louet colors too. My personal favorite is "ginger."

Gina H. and I challenged each other to knit the Knit Two Together skirt. Hers is finished. I'm still "considering colors." Or in other words: Gina, can I borrow your skirt sometime?

One other really cool thing from Louet. They are introducing a brand-new subscription pattern service. This is very unusual - a breakthrough of sorts in the yarn world. You subscribe at one of three levels - from three patterns a year, to unlimited downloads. So, why would you do this, with all the incredible free patterns out there on the web? Because linen patterns are rather hard to come by, and great linen patterns are as rare as the new Snake Webkinz. And, while I'm all for yarn substitution, linen is just not that easy to substitute. It's sort of a fiber unto itself (although Merlin, the linen/merino blend also from Louet, is great for those who are afraid to step right into the 100% linen stuff).

You can download all the info on the new Louet service here. The pattern library goes live on March 15. Plus there will be a place on the subscription form where you can enter your favorite yarn store's name (shameless hint).

Watch out, Starbucks. Come March 15, you may lose your favorite customer - unless you can deliver her triple espresso to her home computer.

- Shelley
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