Thursday, March 12, 2009

Painting the town fuchsia.

Spring has sprung, and the Loops storefront was overdue for a new coat of paint. Yes, you would think the Utica Square powers that be would take care of this. But no, since our lease is not due for a year or so, it was either D.I.Y., or live with the chipping paint look which our landlord lovingly refers to as "old world."

So, driven by our fearless foreman, Gina Marie, and assisted by Terrie, Harriet, my two eldest kiddos, and myself, we took on the task on a sunny Sunday:
Don't worry, the lime green is just tape. To see the real new colors, you're just gonna have to come to the store! Gina's daughter, Marisa, also dropped by for a visit (she was home from college on spring break):

Who is that handsome man? He looks familiar. And where did he get that deep, deep voice?

Now for my favorite photos. While the rest of us dressed in our painting grubbies, Terrie arrived in her Fantastic Fuchsia Painting Ensemble:

My favorite part was the Painting Up-Do. My hair hasn't looked this fancy since prom night, 1986!

Thanks to everyone for helping Loops look as tempting on the outside as it is on the inside!

- Shelley
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