Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am not making this up.

My daughter was about to leave for school this morning when my husband noticed. "Are you wearing makeup?!!" he asked. Her sheepish grin instantly gave her away. My 8-year-old was wearing eyeshadow.

My. 8. Year. Old.

I decided to let the punishment fit the crime: I would blog about it. I grabbed my phone and took some photos. While my back was turned, she grabbed the phone and erased them! I said, "You can't grow up that fast. You're my baby." She said, "Not for long! Mwahahaha." Yes, the actually mwahaha'd at me. So I grabbed the camera again (and by the way she's not allowed to touch my phone for the rest of her life).

That is a story I could NOT make up. But I did make this up:

This is my Purple Rain scarf made from Tilli Tomas Plie (100% plied silk) and the new Cleopatra (100% dupioni silk ribbon strung with large European glass beads). This pattern is free with yarn purchase and takes just one skein of each yarn. I love the ruched effect achieved by using the wide ribbon on smaller needles. We have the Cleopatra in 5 amazing colorways - this yarn is not online but call or email us and we can put a great color combo together for you!

Meanwhile, Annie S. of RoseKnits fame has made up a new series of her Box Bags exclusively for Loops, with a cool "Loops Blue" zipper and lining. I'm toting my Featherweight Cardi around in my bag and lovin' it.

Also new this week: A shipment of Schaefer Esperanza (chunky hand-dyed alpaca in a mega-skein) and Schaefer Nichole, a new superwash sock yarn. Plus new colors in Cascade 128 Tweed, which has been flying off the shelf:

Now that I have bared my soul, I think the only thing that might help me feel better is if ya'll post comments with your own Child Challenges. Feel free to make it up! Mwahahaha...

- Shelley
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Blogger Nancy said...

My now 17 year old daughter started bugging me to buy her high heel shoes when she was six. SIX! I think I was able to put her off until she was 11 or 12. Fast forward 11 years and one of her senior pics was of her surrounded by her shoe collection.

September 29, 2009 at 10:00 AM  

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