Saturday, December 5, 2009

LMKG #4: Taiyo Scarf.

OK guys, I'm a day late with this LMKG post, but I have a pretty good excuse. Yesterday, I was up at 5am in order to get showered, dressed, caffeinated, and drive into downtown to pick up Susan B. Anderson for her appearance on KOTV Channel 6 to promote her new book, Itty Bitty Toys, and her book-signing event today at 2pm at Loops!

When I picked up Susan, I could tell right away she was every bit as warm, friendly and creative as she seems to be on her two blogs (she has her personal blog plus she writes the blog for the Spud & Chloe yarn and pattern line). Susan was slightly chagrined because she woke up (after a post-midnight plane arrival) to find that her hotel shower didn't work. So she "threw her hair in a ponytail." I told her not to worry, her ponytail is like her signature look on her blogs and in her books! Plus, as a mom of 4, she is entitled to that ponytail, right?

We schlepped over to Channel 6 and followed the producer's directions to come to a side door and hit the buzzer. It felt like a drug deal going down or something. We walked through the door and boom! we were in the studio with Rich and LaToya. I had to quickly lower my voice to a whisper or I would be heard all over Tulsa! Here is Susan right before the segment began:

And here LaToya is asking about the toys (I like how the producer is deeply contemplating a bouncy ball):

After the TV plug, I drove Susan back to her hotel, where the staff eventually fixed her shower (it was a newly remodeled room - so new, apparently, that they hadn't tested the shower and realized it was missing the ring thingie that turns on the shower stream). I came back later to pick Susan up for lunch at Polo Grill, and she was looking fabulously fresh and adorable. Here she is with Lee Ann, sans ponytail:

And this brings us to today's Last Minute Knitted Gift: The Taiyo Scarf by Susan Anderson ($3.50 download on Susan's blog, here). This fluffy, "wrappable" scarf looked amazing on Lee Ann and only takes 2 skeins of Noro Taiyo, a chunky, soft cotton blend with Noro's signature striping.

This scarf involves an innovate method of dropping a stitch after the scarf is knitted, which Lee Ann said was "scary at first," but Susan guides you through it on her blog with this Q&A and even this tutorial.

I will post after the book signing event today with LMKG #5, so I can catch up!

- Shelley
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