Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring FiberFest!

If you could squeeze Disney World into a beautiful, rustic barn in Southern Tulsa, you would have the Spring FiberFest that took place this past Saturday.

It was that magical.

The weather was as good as it gets in Oklahoma. There were pretty twinkly lights strung throughout the barn. Everyone started arriving at 11, and soon the fiber party was in full swing. We were selling kits for our classes left and right - the fair isle hat kits were going like yarncakes!

Phara and Ruth stopped by to say "howdy" - we saw tons of our awesome Loops customers:

Holly had a pretty table set up in a "Loops blue" theme, or maybe it was Tiffany blue? She was doing a brisk business in her knitsavers, stitch markers, little bags and pretty paper goods. I shamelessly snagged a bunch of knitsavers and marker sets to sell at Loops!

John wins Absolute Best Husband of the Year for manning Annie's "RoseKnits" booth while she was off somewhere rubbing elbows and Lordy-knows-what-else with Jared Flood ;-)

It was such a gorgeous day, many shoppers retired to folding chairs to hang out and knit.

Congratulations to Andrea and the whole STICKS and make: Tulsa crew for a fabulous first-time event.

We are ready to help you plan for next year! And a big thanks to Harriet, Billie Anne, Cassidy and Gina for helping to teach and man our booth, and to all of our customers who came out and supported the event with their time and checkbooks. More evidence that fiber love in Tulsa (and Bartlesville and Stillwater and Arkansas and Kansas...) runs deep!

- Shelley
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Blogger binkwaffle (Holly) said...

I always call it "Martha" blue! :-) A shameless ripoff from someone else, but not my beloved Loops; I'd never do that! Ideally, mine's more of a robin's egg (or a "dirty" sky blue) than Loops's aqua-ish. Matches my Waste Not Paper "pool" envelopes.

And the table ended up with waay too much blue than planned. Supposed to be white with blue and brown accents. Oh, well. Next time around.

I had fun, though!

May 3, 2010 at 6:34 PM  

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