Monday, July 11, 2011

Hellooo Tulsa!

Hey everybody! My name is Mariel and I've been in Tulsa for about 3 weeks now. Some of you may have seen me around Loops, but for those of you who haven't met me, I want to tell you a little bit about myself.

I am here in Tulsa through the beginning of August doing an internship with Loops! I'll be in the store working, guest blogging on the Loops blog, working on store displays, and any other task thrown my way. I also have a really fun knitting blog that you might have heard about through Loops. It is called “Calling All Cowlgirls,” and I blog about how I am knitting every cowl in Cathy Carron’s, Cowlgirls. I just finished “Wrapsody in Blue,” except I didn’t make it in blue. I used this funky pompom yarn called Dare, and alternated it with Berroco Vintage according to the pattern. It came out really fun, and it’s been selling like hotcakes even though it is H-O-T here in Oklahoma!

Of course, being immersed in all the delicious Loops yarns and projects has been distracting me from my cowl mission! I cast on for this Diagonal Lace Linen Scarf in a Blue Heron yarn that will be featured at the upcoming Blues-y Trunk Show (at Loops South Friday, July 22nd, and at Loops Utica the 23rd).

I’m also planning to cast on soon for my own Roberta’s Wrap, I think in one of these two colors:

Which one do you think? I just can't seem to keep my mind off this Louet Linen

Oh well and on top of my craving for anything linen in this heat, I've already picked out a few colorways I'm yearning for in the new Madeline Tosh sock yarn! I just haven't picked out the pattern yet...

As a senior at the University of Alabama (majoring in Fashion Retailing) and a resident of Nashville, TN, yes, I do love country music. I am super excited to say that I have already been to two country concerts – Justin Moore at the Cain’s Ballroom and Josh Turner at the Hard Rock Casino. For the Josh Turner concert, I tagged along with the ever-fabulous Gina Hills and her hubby Gare Bear plus Shelley, who we dragged out of her seat at the Shock game for some honky tonkin’.

Shelley had never heard a single Josh Turner song. But when she heard that sexy voice, she quickly decided it was all worth it!

The four of us at the show!

In addition to doing all things Loops, I want to do all things Tulsa! Here is a list of all the fun things I've done so far:

- Mexican and margs at Los Cabos
- Lunch at Queenies (twice :))
- Dinner at Wolfgang Puck's
- 2 Tulsa Shock games (I was at the one game they actually won – could I be the lucky charm?)
- Lunch at Lambrusco’z
- Karaoke at Baker Street Pub

Some of the local talent.

- Sushi at In the Raw

Here is me and Sam (Shelley's Sam) after eating In the Raw. The restaurant is on top of hill and has awesome views of the city!

- Fireworks at Woodward Park
- Dinner at the Dilly Deli
- Concert at the Cain's Ballroom

- Dinner at Keo

The most amazing Pho ever!

Now, I want your suggestions! What places and things are a must-do around Tulsa? And I don’t just want the names of restaurants. If you had something fabulous to eat there, tell me what it was! I’m looking forward to a girls’ day with Gina H. and Shelley, and I would love to hear about your best pedicures and that store with the cute dress you can’t live without.

Oh and don’t forget about my sweet tooth! I love desserts of all kinds and Sam would tell you that I can hardly make it one night without something sweet. Sam is my boyfriend and we have been dating for 6 1/2 years this Saturday. Sam may come to Tulsa and we are hoping to take a short road trip one weekend. We’ve been looking into Dallas, Kansas City, Table-Rock Lake, or B&Bs in Arkansas. Where do y’all think we should go? Any other suggestions?

I have been having a blast so far and can’t wait for three more awesome weeks!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet Tooth? Old School Bagel Cafe in Brookside! The most FAB-U-LOUS cookies evah!! And I'm addicted to their sandwiches - anything on one of those terrific bagels is de-lish!

Lee Ann

July 11, 2011 at 8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. You must do Gilcrease (world famous & largest western art collection in the world) & Philbrook (amazing gardens) & eat at both.
2. Branson is lots of fun, KC has tons of great museums (you must see the Steamboat Arabia Museum), San Antonio is loads of fun, too. 3. Anthropologie has the cutest things in town, but you've probably been there or have one at home. There are some neat shops on Cherry Street, but since I have to little ones I have yet to visit them. Ida Reds has the best selection of Tom's (haven't seen them? Just ask anyone about them, they're awesome!) & lots of cool Cain's & unique to T-town merch.
4. Queenie's, which you've been to, has the best desserts (my fav. is the Black Magic Cake).

Have a great time in our fair corner of the world & we're glad you came to visit!


July 12, 2011 at 7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Price Tower Arts Center in Bartlesville. A real Frank Lloyd Wright skyscraper with a great bar on the top floor. Great views, lovely bar and the limited bar menu is top notch. I have not seen the newest exhibition.

Oklahoma City Museum of Art. The Chihuly glass sculpture in the lobby is worth the trip alone. I could stare at it for hours. The rest of the Chihuly collection won't be back on display until 2012 (boohoo). I'm partial to their modern collection. And then on the way back from OKC, you could stop at Pops on old Rt 66 for chili cheese fries and ice cream.

Baker's FIsh House. It looks like a truck stop outside Muskogee or Porter (depends who you ask on the exact town location), but if you like catfish, it's some of the best. If you don't like catfish, then just go for homemade pie. I like the Key Lime or the Banana Cream. My girls like the Chocolate Cream. Google it to get an idea of where it is. People who eat there have been dining there for years. Just like my family.

I vote for a road trip to Kansas City. I love their art museum and the restaurant inside (mmmmm brunch). And, the museum is free. The Plaza has some great shopping and cupcakes at Cupcake A La Mode. And Lawrence, KS (about 30 min from KC and the home of Univ of KS) has some great boutique shopping in their downtown shopping area (Massachusetts Street), plus loads of neat little restaurants--if you like beer, Free State Brewery is a must-go, my husband and I like Ingredient (pizza is great). One of my favorite fabric shops is in Lawrence, Sarah's Fabric. Most quilt fabric I have ever seen and a back room full of higher end garment fabrics. And the trims/ribbons (from Japan)! Buttons!

Oh yeah and like Lee Ann said, the cookies at Old School Bagel? Awesomeness in cookie form. I'm partial to the chocolate chunk.

Annie S.

July 12, 2011 at 5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I met you last week in the south store. Here is my list for you:

For your sweet tooth - try Cupcakz at 71st Mingo. Lots of different cupcakes and they are all delicious. For my favorite cookies, try Barbee Cookies at 101st Memorial (in strip mall next to Hideaway Pizza). Stop in for a pizza at Hideaway and then walk to Barbee Cookies for dessert. Hideaway is a Stillwater/Tulsa tradition.

What to do in Tulsa - must see Philbrook. Their gardens in the back are gorgeous. Sam might like the Air and Space Museum and/or a baseball game in our new stadium located downtown. I've heard the Siggi hotdogs at the stadium are great!

For out of town trip: Try Fort Worth. We stayed downtown and it was an easy walk to the Sundance area which is full of shops/restaurants/bars. We ate at Chris' Steakhouse and drove to a Rangers baseball game.

If you want to stay close to Tulsa: try a B&B in town or one of our boutique hotels.

July 13, 2011 at 6:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For your sweet tooth: Any cupcake at Cupcakz at 71st & Mingo. Lots of flavors! For my favorite cookies - any cookie at Barbee's Cookies at 101st Memorial. You can have a pizza at Hideaway and walk over for a cookie! Hideaway is a Stillwater/Tulsa pizza tradition.

For you and Sam in Tulsa: Philbrook and their gorgeous gardens in back. One Saturday a month is free. Sam might like the Air and Space Museum and a baseball game in our new stadium downtown.

There are lots of classic Tulsa joints for food: Hanks and Weber's for hamburgers and fries and Weber's has homemade root beer! The Savoy at 61st & Sheridan has a great breakfast/lunch - comfort food! The Boston Deli at 61st & Sheridan has a great lunch "for girl pals" and their dinners are wonderful. I like the Blue Moon Bakery for lunches also.

Tulsa has several B&B's and boutique hotels. I'm sure Shelley can give you the names of these.

Glad you are here. Enjoyed our chat last week. I'm planning to watch your cowl progress on your blog.

July 13, 2011 at 7:03 AM  
Anonymous Julie said...

All I can say is don't go to Chino's to eat mexican like I did last Saturday. :( After the little Zombie knit class with Anna I walked out of Loops and smelled FOOD. I saw Chinos on the corner and went in since my mouth was watering for mexican food. Well, was I embarrassed to find that it was a womens clothing store for size 0 to 3.5. (I don't make it to Tulsa very often.) Julie

July 28, 2011 at 8:21 AM  

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