Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Who says knitters can't party?

Lately, I've noticed a positive trend, coupled with a disturbing one.

It seems every TV show, especially those on the channels my kids watch, features knitting in one way or another. Why, just on Spongebob alone, I've heard knitting mentioned in at least 3 episodes. (Did you know Mr. Krabs can knit? Yesiree!)

The disturbing part is, when knitting is mentioned or portrayed, it's usually sort of the opposite of fun and excitement. With Mr. Krabs, it's to show he's thrifty. And the truth is, too often the token knitter is the boring one, the type least likely to jump up and dance on a table.

So in this blog post, I'd like to present some evidence to the contrary: Knitters who know how to party.

Of course, it helps to have some buildup - a line forming outside the "club."

Add in a red carpet, a karaoke amp, and the songs "I'm Too Sexy..." and "I'm Sexy and I Know It." Then supply Loops Troops models with confidence boost in the form of mango margaritas:

And kick off the party with some serious yarn swagger.

Up the ante with 16 hot new projects, including 5 new Loops Original patterns, all displayed with fresh new photography.

And yes my friends, you've got a knitting party.

This legendary Hot Loops Party (our 14th!) sold out, as always. But naturally, we want everyone to join in the fun. This is why we've created a "mini Hot Loops Wall" at Loops South, and also why we are debuting one Hot Loops Project per day on We've already debuted three.

Keep your eye on the Loops Facebook Page for more projects in the days to come. Then just mix up a mango margarita (or a nice big iced tea), and it's a spring knitting party in your very own house!

So there, Spongebob...and all the other naysayers. Knitters can party. I rest my case.

- Shelley
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P.S. Big thanks to Sherri T. and Judy L. for the photos!


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