Saturday, October 20, 2007

More Kidsilk Haze for the Modern Quilt Wrap.

I included the free pattern for the Modern Quilt Wrap from Knitting Daily in our early October "loops scoop" e-mail...but then today, Aloah came rushing in wondering if we had ever heard of it! So I think it bears repeating, since (a) it's about the hottest free pattern to hit the web this year, and (b) we just got Rowan shipment of Kidsilk Haze in many of the colors called for in the wrap - including 2 OF THE VERY LAST 5 BAGS (!) of the now-discontinued "Swish" color.

So first, here's a picture of the wrap. Everyone who's doing this swears it is much easier than it looks - a great first "multicolor" project. Also, the 7 skeins of yarn called for will actually make 2 whole wraps! One for you, one for a gift!

Click here to see our online selection of Kidsilk Haze - you can buy them online (or of course, at the store). Don't be afraid to choose your own color combo - maybe even pop in a color or two of Kidsilk Spray - a slightly more variegated version of Kidsilk Haze, or Kidsilk Night with tiny sparkles. One other option is Alchemy's Haiku, a gorgeous handpaint.

Click here to get the free pattern. If you're not a member of Knitting Daily, you'll need to sign up to get the pattern. I highly recommend it - this is the only e-blast I read on a daily basis, and there are lots of really good free patterns and tips for subscribers. And of course it's all free!

If you, like me, suffer from the dreaded, debilitating mohair allergy, try following Ellen's lead and using Suss Fishnet Alpaca Blend. Look ravishing without the rashing!

- Shelley
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