Friday, December 28, 2007

The Christmas Marathon and the Sale Sprint.

Everyone keeps politely asking, "How was your Christmas?" And, although I am grateful that this question has replaced "How long were you out of power?" as an opening social greeting, I struggle with an answer. The polite response is "Great, how was yours?" but what I really want to say is...

"It was a marathon! I worked at the store until early closing (4pm), then dashed home to finish helping Brent get the kids ready for the nativity program at our church (S. was Joseph, C. was Townsperson #2 - if they gave Oscars for Townspeople, she'd be a shoe-in). We then dashed out before communion and headed to my dad's house for some holiday cheer...and back to church at 9pm because Brent and the kids were serving as acolytes (for you non-Episcopals, that means carrying candles and crosses and stuff). I didn't make it to the 9pm service because my youngest got a bit "over-tickled" at Dad's and, ahem, we didn't have time to change clothes. Stayed up late to finish a hat and make sure everything was ready for Santa, then got up at 6am to make the requested cherry pie (how do I say no when Mom's making/hosting the whole dinner?), had our family Christmas at 7am, went to Brent's family celebration at 10:30, then at my Mom's at 2. Home by 6, preparing for the big Loops sale at 7, collapsed on the couch by 9. Up for more sale prep at 5 Christmas really over already???"

So that's why I just say, "Great, how was yours?" And dream of a Christmas in the mountains next year.

Somehow, amidst the craziness I remembered to snap some pictures. Here's my sister and her Michael Jackson-style single Koigu glove ("It fits me like a glove! And it's so warm!"):

My nieces on Brent's side, with their Victoria fingerless mitts and Cell phone cozies/gift card holders:

And my brother-in-law, Kelly, whose Highlander Alpaca hat transformed him from Bank President to Homeboy:

Finally, the sale crowd at 11am Wednesday - without a panoramic lens, I could only capture about a third of the crowd (!):

And what a crowd we had all day! Thanks to our wonderful customers for making it our biggest sale day ever. Some poor souls came in the store for the first time in their lives, and we had to explain it's not usually wall-to-wall-knitters! The sale is still going on and we have gobs of yarn, bags and kits left - all at least 25% off - so be sure and stock up before the sale ends at 5pm Saturday.

At which point, I plan to sleep for a week.

- Shelley
There's a sale on our website, too! 25% off everything - just enter code "LOOPS" at checkout!


Blogger Ms Blondie Knits said...

Hey Shelley, your family looked happy with their gifts, and believe me, the Loops customers were happy with the sale! Thanks for all your hard work!

December 29, 2007 at 6:06 AM  

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