Saturday, January 5, 2008

Why, oh why?

Say it isn't so! Sometimes the powers that be in the yarn world make decisions that make absolutely no sense to me. Why, oh why are these colors of our beloved Blue Sky Bulky alpaca/wool being discontinued?

The camo...the blue-on-blue...the gorgeous grey-on-black...noooooooooo...
Of course, I naturally panicked at the news and bought up a whole mess of the stuff. Even red-on-orange, a color we've never carried. You can buy it in-store or by clicking here to shop our online selection. This is the stuff for a stunning Cable Couture Bag. Or if you're planning a ski trip soon, check out Gina's Blue Sky Bulky Pom Pom Hat, recently added to our website.

Also new this week, a bunch more Adriafil Knit Col (the fun self-striping yarn on the Hot Loops Wall), a large order of Addi Turbos, and some great books, including:

This fourth installment in the Stitchionary book series is all about crochet! Billie Anne is beside herself! And for sock lovers, we got Folk Socks and the new Vogue Ultimate Sock book:

Next entry: Star sightings.

- Shelley
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