Sunday, May 4, 2008

Calling all Glam Grrls.

Hey everyone, it's been a wild week at Loops. Downside: Our database crashed and we've resorted to writing tickets the "old fashioned way" while our database is being recovered somewhere in California (if you're a praying sort of person, please add our little tiny black box to your prayer list!).

But on the bright side, we have had an week filled with big surprises of the U.P.S. variety. Friday, Carl brought two huge boxes of the coveted Koigu - KPPPM and Kersti, favorite colors and new ones. It's all laid out on the back table sans price tags (can't print 'em) - but we can still sell the yummy stuff!

Another wonderful surprise was a box from Stacy at Tempted Yarns, with three new colors of her highly coveted Glam Grrl. This is the superwash merino/silk blend sock yarn with the touch of glitz that is selling like yarncakes all over the country - Loopy Ewe sold out of most colors in 24 hours! We are so proud and excited for Stacy!

Our three new Loops exclusive Glam Grrl colors are Enchantment:

Triple Shot:

And my absolute favorite Tempted color ever, ever, ever...Cherry Bomb. As Randy would say on Idol, it IS DA BOMB!

All three colors, along with the very popular Eclipse, are available on our site - click here to shop.

Don't forget we're open 1-5 Sundays - and if you're into Koigu, I highly suggest arriving promptly at 1!

- Shelley
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