Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sale-bin Sundays.

To encourage our Sunday gang to knit, party AND shop, I've decided to start re-stocking the 50% off bins at the back of the store at the end of every Saturday. Today, I loaded 'em up with Muench Safari, a soft 78% linen blend that's a great substitute for Louet Euroflax. We don't have this color, but we do have two multis (blues and greens), a great neutral khaki and black. Check out issues of Rebecca magazine for pattern ideas.

I also scooted all the Crystal Palace Deco ribbon to the clearance area. About 7 different colors to choose from. Great substitute for Colinette Giotto, at a rockin' price! Check out the free patterns for Deco Ribbon here.

So come on in and empty those sale bins, so I can load 'em up again Monday. :)

- Shelley


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