Sunday, September 14, 2008

Off color.

It's time for a new camera. My old faithful digital camera is pooping out on me (kinda like what Sandy does when she scarfs a bag of Pepperidge Farm cookies). The camera has decided, without my input, to go all Film Noir on me. It's sort of like someone dunked the camera in the sink or tried to felt the pictures.

So, not to be deterred, the Faithful Blogger presses on. We were visited these past few days by Trish of Tanglewood Yarn. She unloaded a giant box, plus her suitcase, full of the most precious yarn on the market.

It's just shameful what my camera is doing to Trish's beautiful fiber colors. But even the best camera could not do them justice. Each pound of yarn takes several hours just to dye...then hour upon hour to handspin (Trish brought her spinning wheel and was spinning at the store for 2 days straight...still she has to employ 20-30 spinners at any given time to just attempt to keep up with demand from the lucky 10 stores who carry it). Then, for a very special few skeins, she hand-beads the yarn as she goes, slipping in a larger, funkier bead every now and then.

The yarn is priced by the ounce, and it is understandably expensive, for all the handwork that goes into it. This is the really big treat you give yourself after finishing 10 hats for charity, or running a marathon, or cleaning up after your dog who ate all the chocolate cookies. It's the gift for the knitting best friend who always drives you to the airport at 5am, or who just needs a boost because she's been down. No one could be sad when knitting with this stuff. No one.

Trish was an absolute delight. Thanks to Terrie for letting Trish stay at her studio (I took pictures but they disappeared off the camera - probably because there was too much color in Terrie's studio for the camera to handle!). And also to Gina H., Gina Y., Ellen, Dawn and Gene for "trish-minding" while she was with us. Even though it was "bucketing" (Trish's word for the rain) the whole time she was here, she says she loves Oklahoma and has promised to return soon - possibly even before Christmas! Meanwhile, I did nab a few skeins of her yarn to keep in stock for those of you who crave a fix.

Also, on Friday, we got two more eagerly-awaited shipments. First, a big batch of Malabrigo Worsted Merino, in some of the newest colorways (Azalea is my new favorite - red, deep purple and black!). Also back in stock is Charrua, the blue-brown combo that flew out in one day last time.

And last but not least, a two-box batch of Pagewood Farm Yukon arrived. Remember, the bamboo blend sock yarn that sold out so quickly last time? The most popular colors have returned, along with some new surprises. Here's a sampling:

Off to buy a new camera. I'm sure it will inspire me to blog more this week!

- Shelley


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the best stuff is like someone spun straw into gold, but with less weight and the most striking colors you could ever imagine. My budget leaves scant room for this sort of stuff, but everyone I would lavish the time on is worth it! Don't tell a soul about the stash at Loops, and I might be able to take care of Christmas before you run out.

September 17, 2008 at 3:58 PM  

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