Friday, April 10, 2009


I am suffering from Knitter's ADD again. Otherwise known as "waffling."

Usually, I lean to the OCD Knitter side, otherwise known as "linear knitting." I do one project at a time. Only. I finish completely before moving to my next one. But, since I am a store owner who is daily tempted by new arrivals and adorable new projects, it was inevitable that the OCD would one day give way to the ADD.

I have three projects underway. I am flummoxed.

First is the beautiful Nette by CocoKnits. I am in love with the yarn, a super slubby silk from Habu that does amazing things in plain stockinette.

I was really into it until Terri saw it and said, "Oh yeah, I loomed one of those up for Paula in a couple of nights." So I decided to have Terri loom the sleeves and here sits the one-piece body, on a holder.

Knitter's ADD project #2: the "minidress" a.k.a. tunic by Caddy Melville, from the new book Mother-Daughter Knits. This was soooo cute on Caddy when she was here in Tulsa. But I couldn't leave well enough alone: I had to incorporate some red.

Now I'm afraid I may end up looking like a wayward Nascar fan with too many racing stripes. But I do love working with the recycled 2nd Time Cotton, so I continue to press on...

And then there is the Pioneer Top from that I featured in an e-blast before Spring Break.

I had my Rowan Calmer all picked out for this project, and then the day before Spring Break, the Habu arrived and I cast on that instead. Then yesterday, I was re-arranging the Calmer at Loops and started itching to cast on for Pioneer. (Or rather, not itching - one thing I love about cotton/acrylic Calmer is it has the stretch of wool without the itch).

So now, each day I am overwhelmed into inaction. Which one to work on? Which one? Which ooooone.... Oh crud, maybe I'll just go knit a baby hat for the nice doctor that fixed my knee without charging me so I could play tennis before I get ready for tomorrow night's dinner party.

Anyone got any Ritalin? Ellen?

- Shelley
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Blogger captured magic said...

It's called cross-training. It's good for you. :-)

April 13, 2009 at 10:32 AM  

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