Monday, October 5, 2009

Paguipulli-ng my leg?

Honestly, I don't know where they come up with these names. I picture these yarn execs sitting around in a room saying, "What can we name this yarn that no one in the universe, not even someone with an advanced degree in etymology, can pronounce? Let's just throw together a random assortment of consonants and vowels, toss in a few extras, and see what happens..." You can almost hear them laughing at us hapless, middle-America yarn store owners.

But that's ok. I'll play along...especially when the Yarn With The Funny Name is as scrumptious and remarkable as Panguipulli, the latest offering from Araucania yarns.

The Araucania line, which I featured in our latest e-newsletter, hails from Chile, where each yarn is dyed using ancient handcrafted techniques. Panguipulli is 100% merino, a generous 193 yards per skein in an aran weight, and has a Noro-eque slow color change coupled with a subtle tweed effect. I fell for this yarn so hard, I bought the full range of 10 colors!

Barbara made up a quick scarf in a simple 3x1 rib and raved about the feel and beauty of the yarn. One skein yielded a scarf that is the perfect length to warm the neck and tuck into an overcoat, without a lot of bulk. Doesn't Brent look dashing yet woodsy?

But I always know when he tires of having his photo taken. Or maybe he's meaning to say, "Hurry and get your Panguipulli before they run out! Aieee!"

You'll find Panguipulli in our online store - just click here.

- Shelley
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