Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bob and weave.

Last week was so insane, it was frankly a tremendous relief to get to Saturday. The perfect panacea to our residential toilet flood and resultant demolition was Dana and Gina's Stashbuster Weaving class at Loops from 1-4pm. I decided that an afternoon spent learning a new craft would be an excellent diversion from our homeowner woes. When in doubt, run away and play with yarn, right?!

(That reminds me of a little sign that used to hang on my grandparent's boat dock in Texas: "When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.")

Truth is, I haven't picked up a loom since maybe 3rd grade. But my, how looms have changed! The Cricket looms we used for our class are amazingly well-made, sturdy and portable. We began by learning all of the basic terminology (and yes, dear Cricket dealers, I do now know how to spell "heddle.") We paired off so that we could practice warping (or in my ignorant layman's terms, "stringing") the loom twice, and also because warping a loom takes a lot of space!

Harriet and I, being Loops employees, banished ourselves to the playroom to allow the "real" students to spread out at the class table.

After 3 hours of most excellent instruction from Dana, our resident Cricket expert, and Gina, our resident knitting vampire, we were bleary-eyed but satisfied in our newfound knowledge. So hooked was I that I went straight home, whipped out some scissors, cut my practice yarn off the loom (loved the Brown Sheep wool that came in the kit, but these just weren't my colors)...

...and re-warped my loom all by myself using some Spud & Chloe Sweater and Jade Sapphire cashmere from my stash.

Okay, so you can sorta tell I did it all by myself. I need lots more work on tension. But you've gotta give me a little extra credit for doing this at 1am while I watched the finale of "Lost" on the DVR.

Our next weaving class is already full, but we do have Cricket looms available, and they come with excellent instructions (including photos!). You can also find how-to videos online. I'm telling you, this is addictive stuff!

Meanwhile, if you took the class on Saturday, the generous Dana has offered to come to Loops this Thursday at 5:30 for an extra hour of catch-up instruction and tips. I will definitely be there (yet another excuse to get out of the house ;-)

- Shelley
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