Monday, July 18, 2011

Knitted gifts for little Jalapeno.

Our beloved Billie Anne, Loops business manager and crocheter extraordinaire, is due to have her third child very soon. It's a girl and she plans to name her Willow. However, since "B.A." has been craving hot peppers throughout her pregnancy, I have another suggestion.

Jalapeno Grigg.

Doesn't it have a nice ring to it? Sounds like a world-famous novelist or something. They could call her Jallie/Halley for short, right?

Well, since I know my suggestion is not likely to become a reality, I decided that the least we could do is throw a Mexican-themed baby shower at Los Cabos, a local hotspot. Here are the Loops Troops enjoying the traditional stylings of "Mexican Elvis":

Loretta and Mariel were clearly smitten:

We had a great turnout - 18 of the 20 Loops Troops present and accounted for.

And you know what that means...little Jallie is going to be outfitted in quite an extensive hand-knitted wardrobe! Here are a few highlights I snapped. Barbara created this In Threes: A Baby Cardigan by Kelly Herdrich using Blue Sky Cotton. Love the mix-and-match buttons:

Emily and Gina Y presented Billie Anne this amazing Hemlock Ring Blanket in organic cotton Seedling:

Sherri made this darling set herself (psst, she sells her sets and you can contact her here).

Gene did a great washable blanket in Marble Chunky (his own brilliantly simple design):

Loretta created this sweet little hat and sock set without a pattern to follow - shocking, since her motto is "I would follow the pattern into the gates of Hell."

I made this Bunny Blanket out of two skeins Puffin multi and one skein of solid. A really fast project and so functional. (Lucy, in the background, approves):

And last but not least, I know many of you can relate to this: Mariel gave Billie Anne a Sweetie Pie Hat in progress! Like so many of us, she cut her deadline a bit close and was still stitching over our chips 'n' queso. But the hat is done now - luckily a fast knit! - and all is right in the world.

To see a video clip of the party (Elvis sings "La Bamba"!) visit the Loops Facebook Page.

- Shelley
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Lucky little JalapeƱo! Loretta looks like Elvis is about to jump on her shoulders!

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