Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The monthly un-meeting.

When is a meeting not a meeting? When it's a Loops Troops Monthly get-together-gathering-sorta-thing. On the one hand, it's at 8:30 in the morning on a Saturday. So yes, there is lots of coffee. On the other hand, with a group like this, it's just really too fun to call a meeting.

Peek-a-boo, Pat!

All 20 of us (or at least, usually most of us) gather together once a month to talk about new store arrivals, inspiration, and new ideas for helping customers. Even the boring details become more interesting with this crowd. For instance, I needed to fill some empty shifts, so we played a game called "Take That Shift!" with prizes. Much less of a drag that way.

My favorite part of the meeting is usually the end, when we go around the table to hear what everyone's working on. Yes, this is one "meeting" where stitching is actively encouraged. Gene is close to finishing his blanket in our new SMC Baby Wool.

Andrea is making a great hat in Malabrigo:

Sherri just completed this top for her grandbaby, Josie. It was her entry in a crochet motif contest online. I think she used her favorite yarn, Cascade Cotton Pima.

Cindy is working on a Canterbury afghan in Marble Chunky. It's going fast!

Gina has just cast on a new vest in Rowan Lima. (She's the only one with tea instead of coffee.)

Harriet is finishing this scarf for our next Francophile Club meeting, in two Bergere yarns.

Pat and Linda have really taken to this "twin knitting" thing. Linda says she gets the ideas and Pat copies her, then ends up finishing it first! Whatever the truth may be, we love seeing their projects knit up in contrasting colors at the same time. This time they're doing Tea Leaves Cardigans in Tosh DK.

Can't wait for next month, Troops!

- Shelley
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