Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Help for holiday procrasti-knit-tion.

I'm a bit behind on blogging because I've been busy coming up with ways to make holiday knitting and shopping easier for ya'll and yours (youra'll?). Here's what we have done in the last few days:

1. Put Loops gift cards on the website so your friends far and wide can buy them for you. We can send the card to the buyer or straight to you (quicker gratification, I'm all about that).

2. Set out our "Wish List" card file so you can fill out what you would like (you know, the stuff you always lust for but never buy yourself, like a winder/swift combo, Offhand Bag, beaded silk, cashmere or Lantern Moon needles). We would love if you all would fill one of these out. 'Cause when your hubby or BFF comes in and wants to get you something besides a gift card, they look in that file and we just hate that look of disappointment when they don't find your name/hints in there.

3. Made this really cool "Knit Gift To-Do List" to help you organize your holiday knitting (and, ahem, get started on it). It's got ideas for each potential person on your list. Brent did an amazing job with this, I must say. They are free in the store; you can also click here to email me and I will send one to you. Here is a glimpse:

Got to get to bed now. Traffic was heavy in the store today and I've got a heapin' helpin' of stocking to do in the a.m.
- Shelley
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