Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oopsie daisy.

Encouraged by the positive comments on her last blog entry, the intrepid blogger presses on with this bonus entry...

This morning I woke very early, well before dawn, and started to change out of my PJs. But I realized the outfit I needed was downstairs. Too lazy to re-dress, I dashed down the stairs in the buff, taking comfort in the fact that the house was pitch-black and it was too early for the neighbors to be up. Right?

Wrong. Just as I reached the bottom of the stairs, a light out yonder window caught my attention. I turned to face the light and saw a pair of SUV headlights staring back at me from the driveway. And yes, they saw my headlights, too.

Then the phone rang (before 6am) and I started to wonder if I was dreaming. This was just all too B horror movie. But it was my friend Erin, saying she was sick and couldn't play in the tennis tournament today.

Naturally and thankfully, there are no photos to go with the story. But I do have some visuals with this list of the past couple day's happenings at Loops:

1. Fall order from Offhand Bags arrived, including more than 20 bags in 5 fab new fabrics. Here are just a couple:

2. Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket DVD arrived!!!

3. New order of Cascade 220, wahoo!

4. Gina Y. already made up a couple of adorable bats (and no, that is not an oxymoron - Anna from MochiMochiLand can make anything adorable! click here to check out the pattern in our online store)

5. Elizabeth and Gina Y. held a free "duct tape dummies" event based on the instructions in the new book, "Custom Knits." Ruth, you are a great sport!

And by the way, a little duct tape would've come in handy at 6am this morning!

- Shelley
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