Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Easy as Pi.

Just finished a Pi Topper hat for my friend who has just begun chemo for breast cancer. She is doing great - surgery removed all signs of cancer, no mets - but her long beautiful hair is coming out quickly now. We searched through Ravelry together and found the Pi Topper - a chic beret with a little pouf to the top "so it looks like there could still be some hair under there."

I know the pic is dark - click on it and you can see the cute button closure (my friend wanted basic black with a button that blends in but you can have fun with your button box - go crazy!). If she likes it, I'll gladly make more. It was a fun pattern that only took one ball of Calmer (although I used all but about 12" of that ball!). The pattern is free here, and while it starts out a bit awkwardly, it quickly becomes easy TV knitting. I decreased the "tab" on the side a little faster than the pattern indicates, so as not to run out of yarn.

Remember, Loops is running a "Yarn Bedlam" contest - make a chemo cap and put it in the OU or OSU basket - each cap counts as one "vote." Calmer is a great yarn for chemo caps - super soft and itch-free.

And, on the subject of health (but not quite so serious), Nurse Janice has offered to give free flu shots at Loops this Saturday, October 10 from 10:00am-1:30pm. Why spend $25-35 on a shot when you could spend it on yarn instead? :)

- Shelley
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Blogger Elaine said...

What a great friend you are! I'm a survivor - tell her it will come back - there really is life after chemo.

On Sunday I will be doing my annual Making Strides breast cancer walk. This is 6th walk - the first was right after I started chemo and I had just started wearing a wig because I was so self-conscious about my rapidly falling-out hair. I'm grateful every day that I am still here and making these walks!

October 13, 2009 at 6:44 PM  

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