Friday, June 19, 2009

Two Friday freebies!

I've got two freebie pattern deals for ya'll today. Buy the yarn, and get the pattern free!

The first is "385" from Gina Hills. A few months ago, while Gina was shopping in a very chi-chi area of Florida, she came across a designer sweater she just had to have. (I won't say the designer but the initials are MM.) It was a simple design she knew she could make herself, but sometimes it's just easier to buy it, right? Then she saw the price tag - $385 - and decided a new Gina/Loops original pattern would be born.

She made hers in Be Sweet Bambino (bamboo/organic cotton) in the perfect "slime green"and the result is even nicer than the designer version IMHO. It takes 6/7/8 skeins to fit chest sizes 34/38/42 (size 5 needles).

If you want to buy the Bambino online, we will include Gina's pattern in your package for free. Same deal in the store - this offer is good through June 30th.

Speaking of Be Sweet (small digression here), I put the much-coveted Be Sweet bags on sale yesterday 40% off. That is a major deal, baby. So, while you're out Father's Day shopping, why not treat yourself to a little somethin' somethin'? I promise you will get tons of compliments when you carry one of these bags. And proceeds go to help South African womens' groups.

Only 5 Be Sweet bags in stock, while they last (but if you miss out, the Amy Butler bags are also on sale).

Now for Freebie Pattern #2. I am having so much fun with Terrie's Slipstitch Scarf pattern. This is about as easy as falling off a log (right, Elizabeth?) but it looks oh-so-complex, almost like a woven piece. It is also completely addictive (I just started this at the store yesterday and woke at 6am thinking must knit slipstitch scarf):

I am using Colinette Banyan handpainted cotton blend on a #6 needle I already had, so this scarf is under $20! I used "Lichen" and "Neptune" but "Fruit Coulis," "Fresco" and "Marble" would also pair great together. Terrie has been making one in Alchemy Silk Purse. Order/buy either yarn and the pattern is yours free!

- Shelley
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