Monday, February 21, 2011


There's something about an epic, record-setting snowfall that makes time stand still and whiz by, all at once. One minute, you're hunkering down, living on Ramen noodles and whatever else you can scrounge from the pantry. The next minute, your husband is having an emergency kidneystone surgery and it's all cook-work-clean-work-drive-drive-drive-squeeze-in-a-little-knitting and the next minute, three weeks are gone.

Here are some snapshots from the last three wild weeks that have gone by in a freezing cold blurrrrr...

When you're a dog, it's so confusing when there's no visible grass.

Can you spot the snow-white lhasa apso in this picture?

Sledding, a true rarity in Oklahoma:

Trying to drive home from a meeting after epic snowfall #2 (sort of the aftershock after the tsunami):

Coming upstairs after the snow to find Teddy and Snuggle Puppy all tucked in:

Warning! Snowfall causes much baking and grazing. Not good for the hips, but oh so delicious when it comes to blackberry pancakes:

I, like many fellow knitters, saw the snow as a positive opportunity to get started on a major project. I cast on the first mitered square for Miami Deco Drape, the amazing vest I saw at TNNA market in January.

The kit comes in the great clear bag that I foresee as being functional long into my knitting future.

I'm really having a blast with this project and have made great progress:

Trendsetter has now made the kit available online and you can order it in a variety of sizes and colors. Here's the link to the kit. You order what you want and they send it to Loops, then we complete the transaction with you. Easy peasy.

Yesterday, the sun was shining here and it was nearly 80 degrees. Today, the high will be 50 if we're lucky. But that's one reason I love living in Oklahoma...and owning yarn shops...and being in advertising...and being a wife and mom. No day is ever, ever the same!

- Shelley
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