Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aranami Shawl in Ultra Pima.

Shawlettes are everywhere these days.  With their simple, architectural shapes and wearable versatility, I love knitting them.  But to be honest, I've gotten a bit numb to the sight of them.  Only once in awhile does one jump up and say, "You must knit me.  Now."

Such is the case with the Aranami Shawl by Olga Buraya Kefelian.

Since the moment I laid eyes on it, I've been pondering what yarn to use.  I've stood before our many fingering/sock yarns, looking for the perfect, inspired color combo.  And then, as so often happens, it was a customer that enlightened me.

We had just announced Cascade Ultra Pima as our featured yarn of the week, which meant is was 30% off for one week only.  Said customer was looking for something to make with it, when she spied the upcoming Aranami Shawl class on our new September Class List.  Voila!

We started putting colors together, and darned if there weren't several that worked beautifully.

Loops has a great range of Ultra Pima colors, and it has this awesome drape and color saturation just like silk - yet with the durability of cotton.  But until now, I had overlooked lovely Pima for the Aranami becuase it's not sock weight, but sport.  No problemo!  We'll just go up to size 4 or 5 needle, and get a bigger shawl, to boot!
Thank you, brilliant customer.  Problem solved!

- Shelley
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