Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sorbet Ribbon Loop.

Sometimes you just need what I call a sorbet knitting project.  You know, a little something light to cleanse the palate between bigger courses. 

I just got three big projects off my plate.  This shawlette will be debuting soon as a new Loops exclusive kit:

And this top called "Nicole" was begun on our beach vacay, in Sublime Tussah Silk (pattern booklet and yarn both available here).

Miracle of miracles, I completed this Snowcloud Cardigan, begun for my sister last Christmas.  I used Tosh Vintage and it is equally gorgeous in Three Irish Girls Springvale Worsted.

So yes, I needed a quick-and-easy project before I dive into my next big knitting adventure.  I was working at the Utica store and my eye kept coming back to our big basket of Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon.  I matched up a beautiful blue-and-silver with a ball of ubersoft Lang Estrella.

And wa to the la, a new cowl was born.  Just look what it does for a plain grey T.  Here's the "before":

And here are the "afters":

And now...here is the free pattern!
Sorbet Ribbon Cowl
1 skein Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon
1 ball Lang Estrella
Size 13 needles
Darning needle

Cast on 14 sts with Estrella.

Begin pattern:

Knit 4 rows in Estrella.

Switch to Sari and *K1, wrap yarn 2 times around needle* across row, ending K1.
Next row, knit across in Sari, dropping the extra wraps that aren't connected to a knit stitch.

Repeat this 6-row pattern 24 times.  Knit 4 rows in Estrella and cast off.  Cut 50 pieces of Sari, each about 12" long, and use a crochet hook to create fringe along one side of the cowl.  Use the darning needle to seam the ends of the scarf together, forming a loop.  That's it!
This Sorbet comes in many flavors.  Here are some other good color combos.

For the sophisticate:

 For the diva:

For the party girl:

 For the girly girl:

Which one are you?  I've been known to be all of them :)

- Shelley
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Effin hot.

Yes, it's hot in Tulsa right now.  Really, really, really, really, reallyreallyreally hot.

But you'll be glad to know that's not the subject of this post.

Instead, let's talk about the hottest (as in most popular) pattern at Loops right now:  Loretta's infamous Effin Scarf.  This is the scarf it took her years to perfect, though it is brilliantly simple in that it is essentially a one-row pattern.  It's also the scarf I kept bugging her about - "when are you going to have that cute pattern ready, Loretta?" And thus it earned its title when she charmingly replied, "Oh yeah, I've gotta get you that effin pattern."  In fact, this is kind of what she looked like when she said it.

On a whim, I asked our Loops Troops to bring any Effin Scarves they might have knit to our monthly employee meeting.  I knew it was popular...but I wasn't prepared for this:

And those, my friends, are just the ones Loretta has knit!

It seems everyone has gotten in on this Effin Scarf action. 

Gina H.


Loretta - looking more friendly here :)
It's Pat!
Jane - who didn't have makeup on so made me promise to crop.
Sorry Jane - you're "outed" in the big group photo!

The thing about this pattern is, it works great with so many yarns.  Ideally it's a sock, DK or light worsted with some drape - linen, cotton, bamboo, silk, or component yarns work great.  Some of our favorites are Louet or Prism Euroflax Sport, Alchemy Tweedy or Silken Straw, Feza Alp Natural, and Taiyo Sock.

You'll find the Effin Scarf pattern in our online store and on ravelry.  Choose one of our many yarns and make it your own...like Lays potato chips, we betcha you can't stop at one!

- Shelley
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