Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We are in the throes of moving our home. We bought a new house a few miles south of our current location. Amidst the chaos, I didn't notice what one of our little wordsmiths had spelled out on the fridge - that is, until Billie Anne pointed it out (she is a voracious reader so of course she didn't miss it):

And isn't that appropriate...since right now, I feel very much like a cow being prodded.

I have been worried that the move might be sad and traumatic for our kiddos. But apparently not:

Gotta love the improvisation when she couldn't find another "P."

BTW we have some furniture and window treatments that just isn't gonna fit in the new house. I'm having an impromptu "micro estate sale" today for my knitting friends (and if you can get to midtown Tulsa today from 3-5pm, that includes you). Click here to email me at home if you want the address.

- Shelley
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Guild trip.

The Tulsa K.N.I.T. Guild is meeting at Loops this Monday night, November 10th, at 7pm. I'll be giving a short presentation on the hottest new books - those that are selling big in the store, and those with lots of good holiday gift knits. We'll have goodies from Lambrusco'Z and there will be a 25% discount that night for Guild members!

If you're not already a member of the Guild, you can join that night for just $10. Joining the Guild is a great way to get to know other knitters and learn new stuff. Plus, they send out monthly newsletters and bring in great speakers from time to time.

Also on Monday, I promise to have the pattern Gina Y's awesome Taiyo scarf ready:

Gina came up with an ingenious method for her version of a "mistake rib" that is just a one-row repeat. This beautiful, soft, generous scarf takes just two skeins. I called it "Knit One, Drink One" Scarf because it's safe to knit while also enjoying a glass of wine - not always the case with more complex patterns ;-)

See you Monday!

- Shelley
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I stayed home on Halloween while my DH took my three little scare-monsters trick or treating.

The youngest was "treated" to face painters at her school on Friday, and came home with make-up to go with her outfit, the "Cheerless Leader."

Move over, Joker. This chick was seriously scary. Even as I was washing off the makeup in the bathtub after, I kept getting creeped out. Honestly, I think she even crept herself out a little.

I stayed home and watched "100 scariest movie moments" on Bravo. Big mistake. When our doorbell rang (a whopping two times!) I jumped right out of my skin and nearly stabbed myself with my size 7 Lantern Moons, which I was using to start on this Campus Scarf from the book "Scarf Style" in Kathmandu Aran Tweed (love this soft, tweedy, cashmere-silky stuff!):

What a wuss I have become.

And yet, I was not such a HalloWeenie when it came to tackling this scarf, the "Scarf de Triumphe" in Alchemy "Sanctuary" and "Pagoda" from the book "Shibori Knits."

Sorry for the cruddy pics - Daylight Savings Time stole all my natural light. It's done with two colors of Sanctuary in intarsia, but as intarsia projects go, it wasn't too bad. And I really adored working with the merino/silk blend - such an improvement over the average scratchy felting yarns. I am in love with the final, felted project - especially the i-cord fringe that felted right along with/on the scarf!

And finally, in keeping with the costume theme, some great shots of Dave and Teri of Ozark Handspun, who visited us last Thursday and showered us with mohair and wool:

You can find these free patterns and many more on the Ozark Handspun site. Lots of great holiday gift ideas in there, many of which use just one skein. We were especially excited about their new "Companion" yarn, a merino/mohair smooth yarn that's hand-dyed to match the handspun colors. We're expecting a shipment of Companion this week!
And here's Coral, being anything BUT a HalloWeenie as she daringly models this Handspun hat:

You wear it well, Coral!

- Shelley
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