Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yarny winners!

Congrats to the following winners of the previous two blog contests, chosen via random integer generation.

"Leftover" skein of Kollage Luscious in grey - Janet (comment #7)
"Leftover" 2+ balls of Seedling - Heather S. (comment #13)
$50 Loops gift card - Alex (comment #8)

Ladies, please contact me by email ( or via our Loops Facebook Page and let me know where you would like to pick up your prize (Loops Utica or Loops South). If you are outside Tulsa, we just need your address and we will mail it to you.

Thanks to everyone who participated and look for more fun contests coming soon!

- Shelley
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A really, really big post.

Loretta sent me this link to this fascinating (and, I think, hilarious) video.

It got me thinking, this could make a great Facebook Friday contest. We're always looking for very fun, very quick-to-knit patterns - in bulky yarns or otherwise. So we will make this simple. Post a comment with the name of, or a link to, your favorite superfast project. On May 29th, we will draw a winner at random, who will receive a $50 Loops gift card.

Yes, that means we have two contests running concurrently - this one and the leftover yarn contest from the last post.

Happy commenting, and good luck!

- Shelley
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here's lookin' at you, KADD.

As I have admitted previously, although I am undiagnosed, I am quite sure that I have ADD, ADHD, OCD and any other manner of acronyms.

Whatever the unofficial diagnosis may be, this much is clear. I definitely have KADD: Knitting Attention Deficit Disorder. In the past, some customers have referred to me as "evil yarn temptress." Well, as the buyer for Loops, I am tempted daily by amazing new projects to cast on. Only by sheer willpower and additional distraction am I able to keep my number current projects down to two or three. Right now, here's what I've got going.

When in New Orleans a few months ago, I saw this really simple scarf made with Kidsilk Haze, interspersed with some occasional rows of sequins. Since I'm allergic to mohair, I decided to make one in Silky Alpaca Lace, and (perk of being the buyer) I ordered in the sequins for Loops in lots of juicy colors.

This pattern couldn't be easier. Just cast on about 30 stitches on #9 needles and knit 32 rows in the Silky Alpaca Lace, then 6 rows of Sequins. Over and over. TV knitting at its finest. I think it's going to block out really pretty.

Another fun, mindless project I have going is the Waterfall Scarf featured in our last Loops Scoop. It takes one skein of Alchemy Sanctuary and three skeins of gorgeous Alchemy Silken Straw, such an incredibly unique yarn. It's 100% silk, feels like paper, and softens up like butter when subjected to a steam iron.

This project is described as "meditative" by creator Gina Wilde. You just make icord, then pick up stitches off the icord and knit, knit, knit in the Straw. When it's done, you felt it. The Sanctuary shrinks and the Straw grows, creating a ripple effect.

I'm also dying to cast on something in Louet Euroflax. Unlike our Gina H., who's made about two dozen Euroflax sweaters, I've never actually knit with it. Louet recently came up with a process to make the linen even softer, so I'm eager to cast on...something...Gina has a new vest pattern I'd like to try. I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, yes, I actually do finish projects on a fairly regular basis. Love how this Make Up Your Mind tank turned out, in Kollage Luscious.

It was such a fun pattern, because just when you get bored with one stitch, you get to try another!

I also recently completed this easy Infinity Scarf using two skeins of Blue Sky Hand-Dyed Cotton. The Jul "pedestal buttons" really make it. Look for these and lots of other Jul products coming to our newly-relaunched website very soon.

Oh, and one more thing...I think I'm the only member of the Loops Troops who has yet to cast on Loretta's Effin Scarf. Here I got to model one that Loretta made in Neriyake Silk from Habu. I'm thinking I've gotta cast on one in Be Sweet Wild Silk.

Oh wait - was that my phone ringing? Or a text coming through? Or a dog barking? Something shiny just caught my eye.

But before I go...I have 2 1/2 skeins of Seedling leftover from this Seedling Vest I made, and about half a skein of the Kollage Luscious from the top shown above. Anyone want them? Just leave a comment telling me which you want, and why. I'll choose winners at random on May 29!

- Shelley
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