Saturday, May 30, 2009


When I'm getting ready to go on our annual beach vacation, I don't really stress about packing my family of 5. T-shirts, shorts, sunscreen, DVDs - we're good to go. There's a washer and dryer where we're staying, so really, I could just pack one day's worth of clothes for everyone, lots of detergent, and I'm done, right? Well ok, it's not quite that simple, but...

What I really stress about packing is my knitting.

We have all experienced the nightmare of arriving at our destination without the proper needles, stitch markers, or - gasp - enough yarn!

So here it is, the day before we leave, and I have yet to begin the family pack, but I'm staring at my KnitPacking, trying to decide what to bring.

Priority #1: Finish Rusted Root from in Rowan Calmer (maybe I can even wear it on the trip):

Priority #2: Cast on Blooming Cotton Scarf in Louisa Harding Albero (this photo doesn't do justice to my colors - the green is really a yellow-lime green):

Priority #3: Finish Nette in Habu Silk from last vacation:

Priorities 4 and 5: Cast on the Babydoll Cardigan in Alchemy Silk Purse or Ellen's Triple Treat Skirt in Louisa Harding Mulberry (we just got a shipment of 5 new colors, and I'm coveting the gunmetal grey - bottom photo):

Sure, this seems like a lot. But it's a 16-hour car ride, right? DH should have no problem logging those miles while I knit a full wardrobe...and I should have Rusted Root done by at least Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Maybe I will blog each day to show you my progress. But then again, it's the maybe not! Anyhow, I'll probably be too busy doing laundry.

- Shelley
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P.S. All of the projects shown are available in the store.
P.P.S. Happy 50th birthday, Ellen!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let me take a stab at this.

At long last, our newest irreverent Loops t-shirt has arrived:

The slogan was the brainchild of Nikki, a Loops customer who entered a contest through our Loopalicious forum on The t-shirt is a yummy, verrrry soft cotton with a cute fitted (but not tight) shape and slightly longer length. It comes in L, XL and 2X (the 2X is less fitted and a little thicker cotton). Price is $17.99 and yes, this is a Loops original (who else would do a t-shirt this crazy?)!

Also newly-arrived is a great shipment from Plymouth. I was meeting with our rep, putting in a big order for Fall, and decided we needed a couple big ole' boxes of yarn for right now (I'm inpatient like that). So we just got a ton of our favorite Fantasy Naturale (100% cotton, 4 sts/inch) in amazing colors:

There are two great free patterns on the Plymouth site using Fantasy Naturale: a Top-Down Baby Sweater and a Market Bag.
We also got Dreambaby in some great washable, dryable, multi colors. And then I fell in love with this stuff:

Baby Boutique is so new, it's not even on the Plymouth site yet. It's a microfiber blend so soft, I found myself petting and squishing it throughout the rep meeting. It's washable and dryable - would be perfect for a baby blanket.

While on the Plymouth site, I also ran across cute free patterns for Twisted Rib Yoga Socks our of Oceanside Organic Cotton - perfect gift for your favorite yogi. And if you are up against a deadline/due date for a very quick baby project, check out the Heaven Mini Baby Blanket - fast knit and sure to be the hit of the shower!

Don't forget that our big Online Sale is still going 30% - 50% on these very popular yarns - spring, summer and fall!

Sandy need more yarn!!! :)

- Shelley

Friday, May 8, 2009

None of your cheese wax.

My middle child, the Clay Prodigy, has added a new, eco-friendly twist to her artistic musings. She is into "found" materials. Like mud. Wax from our nice candles. And cheese wax.

Yes, that's right. Cheese wax. As in: "Eureka. My friend has a hunk of cheese in her lunchbox, and she appears to be casually discarding the red wax that the cheese was wrapped in. What a tragic waste. I will rescue that wax and mold it and care for it and create something spectacular.

"Like maybe a miniature skateboard park."

Not sure if there's a market for this. But I would venture to guess this is the only Cheese Wax Skate Park blog entry that you read this week.

- Shelley
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Big Coffee Brother is watching you.

I was driving through the Starbuck's at 91st and Yale the other morning (my home coffeepot was recently broken in a tragic accident). Since I was thus far uncaffeinated for the day, I was a bit sluggish. So, as I was ordering into the little box speaker, I momentarily rested my head on my car windowsill. And then came the overly chipper voice from the box:

"So that'll be a grande, 3-pump nonfat white mocha. Would you like a pillow with that? (chuckle)"

What the???!!!!

How did he know I was resting my head? I carefully peered at the speaker box and noticed only one tiny little hole above the speaker. Could it be? No...

So of course, when I got to the window, I said, "Sorry but I have to ask. Do you have a camera in your order-taking thingie?"

And he had to answer, "Yes."

Someone call the A.C.L.U.! Someone call the 6 o'clock news! I want someone from "Channel 2 works for YOU" to find out what creepy, voyeuristic coffee exec came up with this brilliant idea!

On second thought, maybe I'll just get a new coffeepot.

- Shelley
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(always free coffee in store :)

Show 'n' tell (heavy on the "show").

The other day, Ellen says to me in her none-too-subtle way, "I love blog entries with more photos and less yakkin'." So I've put together this week's show 'n' tell with less gab than usual. First, little newly-married Loops customer, Annie S., has made us a new exclusive line of knitting bags and matching fortune-cookie accessory cases (hint: Mother's Day!):

Click here to shop the bags online.

At our recent staff meeting, we shared some of our current projects. Here's Terrie's slipstitch scarf:

Holly is making a sock from the new Naked Sheep yarn ("Bed of Roses" colorway):

Ingrid showed us this gorgeous Koigu tunic:

Gene showed his Tanglewood vest - he messed up part of it but then Billie Anne suggested adding random garter stitch ridges to hide the mistake - cool design element!

Dawn's Kureyon Socks (from "Sensational Knitted Socks"):

Kristin's adorable Fishy Tawashi Washcloth:

A sweater in Sublime that Barbara finished recently:

Random new buttons:

I would write some clever ending to tie this altogether, but that would take more words! So, until next time...

- Shelley
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