Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cinchy summer scarves, as modeled by Mariel.

My kids get the summer off from homework. I get the summer off from knitting complicated stuff. Right?

In the summer, I want the beach novel equivalent of knitting projects. Fun. Mindless. Able to be accomplished while sitting by the pool, or watching the Kardashians, or maybe drinking something with an umbrella in it. Patterns so easy, they're almost embarrassing.

Thus began the Loops Cinchy Summer Scarf Initiative. I went trolling for easy scarf patterns, then put them together with some of our more awesome (awesomer?) yarns. I offered up the model knitting to the Loops Troops, and they snatched them up like a bunch of starving snapping turtles. They were almost all done in a couple of weeks!

Next, I needed a model. I recruited Mariel, the Loops summer intern. Mariel is a University of Alabama student in Fashion Merchandising, whom we met by way of Tanglewood Trish. She is also the author of the Calling All Cowlgirls blog that I've told ya'll about before. We so fell in love with Mariel, that she is not only interning for us, but actually living at the Brander home for 6 weeks. Lord help her.

(For photos of Mariel getting introduced to Tulsa life, visit the Loops Facebook page).

So here is Mariel in the first scarf, Flamboyant. It uses one skein of Rowan Kidsilk Haze and one of Noro Nobori, and was made by Susan. I love the funky pompoms. It looks great cowled, as shown, and also worn shawlette-style.

Cassidy made this version of our favorite Christmas Creep Scarf using Araucania Elqui, a wonderfully soft, tweedy-looking cotton that also great for cardis and jackets. This scarf is featured on our site this week as the Webby Wednesday deal.

Next up we have the Goddess Scarf. I designed this for our current Hot Loops Wall and never dreamed it would catch on like it has. It's a great first-yarnover project, because it's all knit with an occasional YO row thrown in. This one is made by Ruth in Louisa Harding Fleuris and Sari Ribbon. The bamboo of the Fleuris gives it such pretty drape.

Here's another version by Jane, in Antu and Giotto.

Mallory saw this at Loops South yesterday and wanted to know if she can make it. My children have known how to make a knit stitch for years, but after watching Mariel and I knitting together at home, this kiddo has suddenly been bitten by the bug. She wanted to make a cowl just like Mariel.

Admiration is a strong motivator! Within about 10 seconds she had learned the knit-on cast-on method, and soon had her first project joined in the round - a cowl in Tanglewood Fiber Creations yarn that Trish sent her for Christmas last year. (Hmmm...kind of dangerous to start out with the most precious yarn on the planet! Luckily Jane's Goddess Scarf will make a much more affordable next project for Mallory.)

Several times in the last week I've heard that famous line, "As soon as I finish my row!" from my youngest child. "It's fun to be able to say it to you for a change," she said with an innocent smile.

Next post: More Cinchy Scarves.

- Shelley
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