Friday, September 28, 2012

Shattered Sun Shawlette.

Today I'd like to introduce you to the next hot project on our Hot Loops wall for Fall - the Shattered Sun Shawlette in CashSilk Lace from Sweet Georgia Yarns.
I first fell for this yarn when I laid eyes on this model at market in Phoenix:

And then, I touched the yarn.  Game over!  Delicate, soft and ever so slightly glossy, this 2-ply laceweight is 45% cashmere, 55% silk, and one skein has 400 yards so a little goes a really, really long way.

"Quick, someone hand me a pen so I can write an order!" I said.

This half-pi shawl may look intimidating, but it's really only 2 rows to remember.  Plus, Sweet Georgia owner Felicia Lo has made a really nice little video introducing the basics on how to knit it.

Loops Troops member, Linda, made our Shattered Sun Shawl in this spectacular turquoise.

She signed up to knit it without feeling the yarn, and when I handed her the skein, it was like Christmas.  You should have seen her eyes light up!  Plus she loved making the pattern - said it was very well written.

Get your Shattered Sun Shawl Kit, including the one skein required plus pattern, by clicking here.

- Shelley
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Array and Shift Cowls.

For those who've never been to our stores, the Hot Loops Wall is, literally, a wall of hot new projects.  Years ago, before I started Loops, I was always bemoaning the fact that I could spend hours in a yarn store and leave without a great project.  So I devised this grab-and-go system where you can see the project, the yarn, the knitted model and the photo all in one place.  

We spend many months curating the best new yarns and projects for fall, then debut them all at once with a big party at our flagship store.

Then, we create a second wall at our South store.

 Then (i.e. now, right this moment!), we start rolling out the projects online.

I first saw this project, the Array Cowl, at the Shibui booth at market in January.  I was instantly smitten by the generous, oversize proportions and the simple slip stitch pattern, which is the easiest, cheater-pants way to do colorwork - perfect if you want to dip a toe in the water with your first multi-color project.  This is the color combo of the model I saw at market.
And then, there was the chance to work with not one, but two fabulous, squishy Shibui yarns.  Staccato is a luscious blend of merino and silk in a versatile fingering weight with subtle sheen.

Shibui Merino Alpaca is a round, bouncy worsted weight blend of superfine merino and baby alpaca fibers. Dense and warm, it knits up into a plush, cozy fabric with great stitch definition.

To shop the Array Cowl, click here.  You need 3 skeins Merino Alpaca and 2 skeins Staccato (we'll include a printout of the pattern free with yarn purchase).  

Ruth was the Loops Troops member who knit up our sample in Natural Merino Alpaca and Lumen Staccato.  Here's what she said:  "I loved working with both of the Shibui yarns.  Love the feel of them and the end product was a nice thick cowl that would brighten any cold, gray fall day."

"I worked on it at a family gathering.  It is mindless knitting so I could knit while visiting with nieces and nephews.  My older brother (who is a manly man - hunts, fishes, built his own boat!) felt the cowl and commented on how soft it was.  He said, 'That's not that scratchy yarn!'"  

See how manly he is?

Ruth adds this tip:  "Remember to slip the stitches purlwise and always do so holding the yarn in back.  Also, bind off very loosely!"

FYI, Shibui Merino Alpaca is also the yarn used in the Shift cowl by Larissa Brown that I featured in the Loops Scoop mid-September edition. 

What a gorgeous project!  You can have lots of fun picking out the 5 colors you need (1 skein each).

To shop Merino Alpaca to make a Shift cowl, click here.  We're happy to provide a copy of that pattern too with your purchase - just ask!

- Shelley
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

7 years in party pics.

This coming Saturday, September 22nd, Loops will host our 15th Hot Loops Party.  We have been doing this party every fall and every spring since we opened in 2005!  Each time, we add a new surprise or two, but some things remain constant.  

First, we always reveal 16 new yarns and projects, carefully culled and curated from the thousands of new patterns and fibers we preview each season.  Second, there are always margaritas and great food.  

And third, there's always a line of stitchers, waiting to get in when we open the doors to reveal the new Hot Loops Wall!

I was going back through the Hot Loops pics through the years, and thought it would be fun to share a quick retrospective, with shots of my kids sprinkled throughout, so you can see how much we have all grown in 7 short years.  So, starting with 2005...


Some things have changed through the years.  Many former customers have joined the Loops Troops.  


We took a second store from OSU class project to reality...

And last year, Cassidy was one of our models (quite the hammy one, at that)...

...but this year, she's our Hot Loops wall photographer!  

We hope you will be with us when we debut our new Hot Loops Wall this Saturday at 7pm.  Reservations are just $25, and can be made by calling 918-742-9276 (toll-free 1-877-LOOPSOK), emailing us, or coming by to reserve in person.  If you'd like to make a road trip, maybe with some girlfriends, feel free to contact us for hotel suggestions! 

Our bins are ready, our samples are knit, our new yarns are coming in by the all we need is YOU!

 - Shelley 
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Woot! Hoot Hat: A free pattern

Just in case there has ever been any doubt, let me clear this up right now.

Loops has the best.  Customers.  Ever.

Case in point:  Tracy.

Not only is Tracy a fabulous mom, head of her PTO and all around supercool person.  But she can make up patterns.  From scratch.  And then she makes up the cutest pattern in our favorite new yarn (Sweet Fiber Yarns hand dyed, washable Merino Twist Worsted).  And she brings the hat to the store, agrees to be photographed in said hat without warning, and then...just to further illustrate my point...she offers to make the pattern free on our blog.

Yes, free.  Could this get any awesome-er?  ("Mm-hmm," I hear all you English teachers murmuring.  "You could avoid butchering our language with words like 'awesom-er.'")

Okay, Tracy did have to be coerced into the photograph just a little.

But eventually, she came around.

I just love how she added the two subtle little beads to emphasize the owl effect of the cables.  And how her choice of reverse stockinette really brings out all the shading in the hand-dyed Sweet Fiber colorways.

Now, these two did not need much coaxing.  Or rather, my daughter didn't need coaxing.  Our new puppy, Purl, didn't have much of a choice.

But see, the hat works great on an 11-year-old head, too.

And now without further ado, here is the pattern.

Woot! Hoot Hat
by Tracy Keeter
Using one skein Sweet Fiber Merino Twist Worsted and size 8 needles, cast on 100 stitches and pm for beginning of round. Work 2x2 rib in the round for 2 inches.
Round 1: purl to last 2 stitches, p2tog
Round 2-4: purl
Round 5: p1, k8, *p3 k8; repeat from * to last 2 stitches, p2
Round 6: p1, *C4B, C4F, p3; repeat from * to last 2 stitches, p2
Round 7-12: p1, *k8, p3; repeat from * to last 2 stitches, p2
Round 13: p1, *C4B, C4F, p3; repeat from * to last 2 stitches, p2
Round 14-17: p1, *K8, p3; repeat from * to last 2 stitches, p2
Round 18: p1, *C4B, C4F, p3; repeat from * to last 2 stitches, p2
Round 19: p1, *C2b, p4, C2F, p3; repeat from * to last 2 stitches, p2
Round 20-23: purl all stitches
Measure work: If piece measures less than 5” from the cast on edge, add additional purl rows until it is long enough.
Round 24: *p12, p2tog; repeat from * to last stitch, p1 (92 sts)
Round 25-26: purl
Round 27: *p11, p2tog; repeat from * to last stitch, p1 (85 sts)
Round 28-29: purl
Round 30: *p10, p2tog; repeat from * to last stitch, p1 (78 sts)
Round 31-32: purl
Row 33-45: Continue as established, with each decrease round containing 1 stitch fewer before the p2tog, and ending each round with p1, until 43 stitches remain on your needles.
Row 46: purl
Row 47: *p4, p2tog; repeat from * to last 2 stitches, p1 (36 sts)
Row 48: purl
Row 49: *p3, p2tog; repeat from * to last 2 stitches, p1 (29 sts)
Row 50: purl
Row 51: *p2, p2tog; repeat from * to last 2 stitches, p1 (22 sts)
Row 52: *p1, p2tog; repeat from * to last 2 stitches, p1 (15 sts)
Row 53: *sl 1 wyib, p2tog, psso; repeat from * (5 sts)
Break yarn, leaving a tail (about 7” long.) Using a tapestry needle, run tail through last 5 stitches and pull to tighten.  Weave in ends.

Tracy had enough yarn left over from her one skein of Sweet Fiber to make matching handwarmers.  Look for that pattern too, coming soon!

And might I suggest you get your yarn just as soon as possible by clicking here.

- Shelley
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